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Positive aspests of fraternities

The Positive Aspects Of Fraternities

A college fraternity exists on the premise that a man is by nature a social being and needs the companionship with his fellow man. A fraternity provides a structure, and an environment in which close friendships can flourish, Bringing each of the fraternity members closer to themselves. It is by no means the only organization in which a student might mature and develop life long friends. Just one of the many in which minds are shaped and imaginations flourish within its setteings.

The fraternity, not unlike any other human institution, encourages it members to make a commitment to something outside themselves, such as paticipating in charity events, events to benefit the homeless, raise money for the poor and commit themselves to learn about one another.As a student makes these commitments to a fraternity, the fraternity provides a structure within where these commitments can be acted out, in such things as rituals of pledging and initiation. A ritual is only one way of expressing a fraternities ideals and aspirations. A fraternities name, tradition, and history carries much symbolic importance to all who are apart of it. This is all important to the personoining because it eiil only help the to better themselves by growin into he fraternity.

With all these commitments and traditions, or rituals, one could see that fraternity life has a lot behind it and the members take it very seriously. Though at times the fraternity becomes very social and yes alcohol may be consumed, is not , however, the focus of the fraternity. Fraternities offer numerous benefits and building blocks for developing an independent and successful life with many close friends. such as paticipating in charity events, events to benefit the homeless, raise money fo the poor and commit themselves to learn

After all is said and done, friendship and brotherhood in the context of meaningful, close group relationships are what a fraternity is all about. Not, as many people see them, a year long party with drunk "frat boys" chasing around scantily clad women. It should come as no surprise that fraternities remarkable capacity to foster the making of friends is the chief reason for their existence and the best assurance for their survival.

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