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Relationships a compairison of crabbe and the dead poets soc


Crabbe & The dead poets society

Throughout the novel Crabbe matures both physically and mentally, with the help of characters he met, specially Mary. Just as we saw Charlie, Neil and Todd develop with the help of Mr.Kienny.

Crabbe went from physically weak to strong, mentally insecure to being very emotional and from having little self-respect to being very confident.

Charlie, at first, disliked and did not trust Mr. Kienny. But, as the story progressed, Charlie started listening and learning from him when he realized that Mr. Kienny was a trouble maker as he intended to be. Among the three of them, Charlie, Neil and Todd, he has the least in common with Crabbe, but there are certain parts in the story that seen alike. Ex. Charlie sticks-up for Mr. Kienny by saying that he is not to blame for the death of Neil. Crabbe also stands-up for Mary by saving her from the hunters.

Neil is the character that has the most in common with Crabbe. He liked Mary from the start, as Crabbe did Mary. He was the first to be affected by Mr. Kienny, and he was also the first to suggest the dead poet's society. Neil was very smart in school but probably knew very little about the outside world, also like Crabbe. One of the most important things Crabbe and Neil shared was "Actions speak louder than words" or "Seize the day". When Neil secretly started going down to the theater for auditions he was trying to make his life worth-while and do something that he enjoyed. His father then came back from out of town to force Neil to quit acting. He told Neil that he was to become a doctor and not an actor. Neil then realized that he had no choice in his future. Much like Crabbe. Crabbes parents we're leading him into a career path he didn't want to take, he escaped because he also wanted a say in his future. At this time Neil killed himself. Neil's death has a very similar meaning as Crabbes escape. A big difference between the two characters is that Crabbe saw it coming. He saw that his parents were trying to have his future turn out the way they want it. Crabbe was prepared, he started his plan a year ago. While, Neil, was not ready, all this came to him as shock. He couldn't handle it.

Todd, was the one that developed and changed the most. At first he was shy and didn't trust anyone. He was afraid to get involved. It was hard for him to make friends and had little (like Crabbe). As the movie continued, Mr. Kienny helped Todd stand up in front of the class. Mary taught Crabbe survival techniques. In the end, Todd was much more relaxed and in front of the others. Ex. He was the first to stand up on his desk and defend Mr. Kienny. In a way he became a leader and no longer a follower.

In both story lines there were also other similar occurrences. Mr. Kienny and Mary, influential parents, and deaths. One of more important similarities was "Actions speak louder than words" and "Carpe Diam".


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