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Religion essay

My Religion Essay

In this essay I will be talking about what I think it means to be a catholic citizen in today’s society.

I think being a catholic citizen today means having to be very patient because there is more people now than there was one hundred years ago so there is more people that we have to take care of and help. And to help the people sometimes we need to be very patient to see what they need.

We also have to be very accepting of everyone because everyone is different and special in their own way and if you don't accept people for who they are then you won't be obeying what God wanted and you won't have many friends. God wants us to be accepting of everyone because if we don't all get along then there will be war, which will cause poverty, death, hunger and more war.

I think being a catholic citizen today also means being loyal to your friends, family, and of course, God.

Another quality could be generosity, because if there was no generosity in anyone then other countries would be starving even more than they already are because we wouldn't want to do food banks or any fund raisers so we can give them food.

Being non-judgmental would also be another good quality because if we judged everyone by what they looked like or acted like then they would try to change themselves. And if that happened they would be like everyone else and no one would be able to get to know their personalities and then no one would know the true happiness that person could bring to their lives.

Kindness is also needed to be a catholic citizen in today’s world because if no one was kind to one another then no one would want to go to church because they wouldn't be kind enough to pay respect to God. Another reason could be no one would be able to have someone to talk to because no one would be kind enough to listen.

Some ways I have lived these qualities as a Gr. 8 student is by reading to our reading buddies and doing activities with them, doing things with the elderly people up at Chez Nous. Some more things are cleaning up garbage all around Moose Jaw, helping my dad fix computers for his computer business, helping classmates with homework and school, teaching kids how to play various sports and volunteering at the school.

These are just some of the ways I have lived out these Christ-like qualities but I am going to end here or I will make my essay too long.

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