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Romeo and juliet character analysis of romeo

Romeo is the type of person who loves everything except his enemies. He shows his love and hate to everyone. Whenever he saw Juliet, he would tell her how much that he loved her. If he saw another Capulet, he would try and start a fight or just leave them.

Romeo's actions reflect many things about him. When Romeo was sad about Rosaline leaving him, he said, "Not having that which makes them short" on page 484, line 152. Romeo meant that the days seemed longer because his love does not love him anymore. When Romeo said "This shall determine that" on page 534, line 118. Romeo was furious because Tybalt killed Benvolio, and Romeo was going to fight Tybalt to death. Romeo

Romeo speaks like a well educated person because when he talks, he uses very proper(for back then) speech. When he says things like "Lady, by yonder blessed moon I swear that with silver all these fruit-tree tops-" on page 511, line 110. When Romeo says things like this, it shows how well he can put words together. When Romeo says "I have a night's cloak to fide me from their sight." On page 510, line 80. He meant that he will hide from everyone, just to see Juliet.

People say many good and bad things about Romeo. For instance on page 500, line 67, when Capulet says "Verona brags of him." When Lord Capulet said that it shows that he is well respected by Verona and its people. People say bad things about Romeo, when Tybalt says "It fits when suck a villian is a guest, I'll not endure him" on page 500, line 75. Tybalt calls him a villian because he dis-likes Romeo and wants to kill him because he came un-invited to the Capulets party.

Romeo does many things throughout the play that will make him look bad, but he also does many good things. Romeo likes to show hid affection to Juliet every time he sees her. Most people like Romeo, except the Capulets.


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