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Scholarship essay

I believe that I should recieve this scholarship because of my financial need and my potential to become a productive citizen to this world. At this point in time I am working on getting finances for my college expenses. I am applying for scholarships, financial aid, loans, and working to save for the upcoming expenses that I will have.

My potential is the key to why I believe I should recieve this scholarship. I remember when I was still a freshmen. I was shy, just sort of going with the flow. I remember when I got my first report card. I was utterly disappointed at what I saw, all B's. It was a fact that my potential was greater than my report card showed. I took a look at myself and admitted my weaknesses. I had to concentrate my efforts on my weaknesses. I soon became more outgoing while my abilities that were once weak began to flourish. I recognized that within myself, I was no longer a shy kid who just falls in the back of everyone's mind. I had leadership skills and would develope them to my fullest potential.

Later my freshmen year, a teacher encouraged me to participate in a national project to make a difference in the world. This was a project where I could help use my skills to help others. This project was not only about helping those less fortunate than myself. This was a project that would help build my confidence, and help realize what a joy it is to me to help those who are in need. Because of my exposure to this and other community service projects, I know that I want to keep assisting those who need help. I want to keep climbing up this ladder. I want to keep assessing my skills to answer to the needs of people in my community, while making myself a better person.

To sum it up, I think I should recieve this scholarship because of my financial need, my potential to grow into a community leader, and my exposure to working with the community. The community is extremely important to me. During my High School career I have recognized the needs of the community. Now I am asking the community assist me with my needs.


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