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Seperate society

Two different places and two different times. Not a single

character with the same name, or nickname. The setting in both

the novel and movie, although I think that the movie was a novel

before it was a movie, are similar and dissimilar at times. Both

take place at Boys Schools, although the air surrounding both

schools are not quite the same.

One school is dedicated to preparing its students for college

and the other was simply a school for boys, a place where mothers

sent their sons to be educated without letting them be entangled by

the outside world. The climates of the two schools were similar in

the fact that they had an obvious winter, while other places just get

cold they actually had snow at both schools.

The schools were where the stories were mainly centered.

They were both boys schools, but Devon had a casual air about it.

Wellton is a completely different story, at Wellton, or Hellton as

the natives call it, everything is work. No radios are allowed

inside of Wellton, and the rules are strict. Not to mention the fact

that the Dean of students is evilly cruel, and willing to deal out a

severe beating or expulsion to anyone who disobeys him. While at

Devon the Dean of students isn't said to be as evil as the dean of

Hellton. At Devon the course of study is not as rigorous as the

classes the students of Wellton take.

Although both of the schools are boys schools, they have

very different occurrences. While one student from Wellton may

delight at the creation of a radio receiver for his enjoyment, at

Devon it may not be the same. Apparently Devon students

enjoyed the summer most of all, that is because of the Super

Suicide Society of Summer Session, while the members of the

Dead Poets Society seemed to prefer the colder climate. Speaking

of the SSSS, the time at which the story of Devons students begins

is a sort of summer school, while the beginning of the story of the

students of Wellton begins on the first day of school.

Some of the events that happen between the two schools

have similarities, but even in the similarities there were

differences. Such as the deaths of the two students, one from each

school. One student died of a simple bone fragment, a freak

occurrence. While at the school of Wellton, a boy, I should say

pre-adult, put a bullet through himself, killing himself, suicide.

By some religions suicide is considered a mortal sin, but thats a

completely different discussion all together.

One died because of a broken leg, the other a demanding

father that wished to make his son into who had wanted to be.

While the setting of the bone could have been done elsewhere and

saved the life of the boy, it would have happened that way even if

it happened again, but if the father had taken time to let his son

decide where he wanted to go, instead of his father telling him,

this child would still be experiencing the world, instead of feeding

the flowers.


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