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It was 1865 when slavery ended, but I still look back at those days. I still

remember being beaten by my master. There was nothing I could do because

I was a slave all my life. Until slavery ended I was not free.

All of us slaves were shy. We did not talk to each other. As a matter

of fact, we only talked to people we knew. We barley had a chance to talk to

others because we were hard at work. Because of the treatment and

conditions of life, we were shy.

As I said, these conditions of life were horrible. For example we were

beaten and abused by our master because we dropped a glass full of water. I

was hurt physically and mentally. Like I said we were abused and beaten by

our master.

We were not only beaten and abused, but we were also hard workers.

We can do a lot in a day. I picked crops and cooked food for the master and

his family. My day started at 5:00 a.m. and ended at 7:00 p.m. Just because

we were hard workers and messed up at times doesn't mean we deserved the


To sum things up we were shy, but hard workers. We survived the

pain our masters unleashed upon us. Now we are free and can put those

memories behind us.

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