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Stress for and against



You come home from work feeling as though you have been run

through the spin cycle of your washing machine. You can't wait

to take off your shoes and pour yourself a (stiff ) cool drink.


Everybody knows what stress is. Stress is an integral part of

our urban lifestyle. It has become a normal part of life,

although it is generally known that stress is bad for health.

But, doesn't stress also have advantages? Is stress the same

as burden?

What is stress?

First of all we want to make clear what exactly stress is.

The body's adaptive response to abnormal circumstances (like

threats or demands) from a new or changing situation is called

stress. The term "stress" refers both to certain heightened

mental and body states and to the causes of such states.

Nowadays the symptoms of stress are well known. When the

human body is under stress (whether it is real or imaginary)

Adrenaline is poured into the bloodstream. As a result of that

the pulse quickens, the blood pressure raises and the muscle

tension increases. Furthermore you may feel more criticised by

others, become more pessimistic, cynical, or resentful than

usual. Things you normally look forward to may seem like a


A lot of people are not aware of being under stress. Some are

frequently under so much stress that they assume the feeling is



By hearing the word "stress" most people think of something

unpleasant and bad. But that is only conditionally true. Stress

has also several positive aspects:

- A lot of people (students!) take stress as a replacement

for self-discipline. They just can't start working without time-

pressure. They need to know a certain date when they must

finish their work.. (like students before a test)

- It is known, that people work better, faster and more

effective under stress. There are people, who are even more

creative under stress! This is because of the height Adrenaline

content into your bloodstream.

- Stress is said to be the best sport doping (Adrenaline).

During a sport activity, Stress encourages and raises the

attention / strength. Under stress the human body is able to do

better to do better physical achievements.

Last but not least, some producers of stress (such as

physical exercise, various emotional states, and creative

activity) are usually very healthy! But be careful, continuous

high levels of stress are not.


On the other hand, stress has much more disadvantages than


- Stress is bad for your health! A lot of people react to

stress with aggressiveness, competitiveness, and self-imposed

pressure to get things done. This behaviour has been linked to

increased rates of heart attack, high blood pressure and other

diseases. Stress can also affect the immune system, causing the

body to be less resistant to a wide range of other health


- Most people can't think clear under stress. They make false

decision and work superficial (slapdash). Stress causes reduced

concentration ability.

- Stress doesn't only affect you, it also has an effect on

your environment. If you're under stress and nervous, your

(school/work) friends automatically become like you. A stressed

person has a bad influence on the work/school atmosphere. A lot

of friendship have broken down because of excessive stress.


It is said, that stress is the most common "illness" at the

moment. I am not of the same opinion. As I look at it,

everybody reacts different to stress. While some people become

aggressive and nervous, other people may be equally serious in

their intentions, but are more patient. So, it is not possible

to say, whether stress is good or bad. It just depends on the


Furthermore I think that stress is unavoidable nowadays. But

if you're once under stress, try to manage it the best

possible. Why not making stress work for you as a source of

energy? Better you use your energies by being creative than

wasting them by getting furious.

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