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Sweet briar college

Sweet Briar College is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge

Mountains, in Sweet Briar Virginia. This college is highly known for

its honors program, science program, and its junior year abroad

program. Sweet Briar believes that women are vastly

underrepresented in the areas of math, engineering and sciences,

their number one priority is preparing women for careers in these


Sweet Briar's students consist of about 600 women

representing more then 40 states and 15 different countries. The

campus consists of 35 buildings stretching over 3,300 acres.

Tuition for the 1996 through 97' school year is about 14,990

dollars for full-time students, room and board fee charge is 6, 510

dollars; student activity fee is 125 dollars.

Sports that offer competition at the Varsity level include field

hockey, lacrosse, riding, soccer, swimming, tennis, and volleyball.

Sweet Briar is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic

Association, and competes in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference.

Non-competitive sports teams are also an option, many recreational

sports include basketball, badminton, fencing, softball, canoeing,

squash, golf, and dance.

Sweet Briar is one of the "International 50" colleges, which

refers to a group of private colleges that are noted for their

contributions to international affairs. Sweet Briar was listed as

Money magazine's 150 best college buys in the nation.


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