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Take a bite of wisconsin

Take a Bite of Wisconsin

Since the early 19th century, Wisconsin has been known for cheesemaking excellence.

Wisconsin's high quality milk is the secret ingredient used to put the quality of cheeses above all

others. Known as "America's Dairyland", today Wisconsin has more than 250 varieties, types,

and styles of the best-tasting, superior-quality cheese in the world.

Many Americans today aren't eating a well balanced diet and neglect many of the

important nutrients that our bodies need. The dairy group is one we should be concerned about.

This group provides us with calcium, protein, riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and phosphorus, which are

necessary nutrients for our bodies. By using the Food Pyramid guide, we should have 2-3

servings per day of the milk, yogurt, & cheese group. We should strive to get these very

important nutrients that come from cheese and other dairy products. Making cheese a delicious

part of your healthy diet is simple and easy, so why not give it a try.

Wisconsin cheese can be enjoyed as a snack, as an ingredient in your favorite recipe, or

simply as a flavorful topping. Open your eyes to the possibilities in using dairy products.

Cheese products are easily added to any food group to add a mouth-watering touch. You

could try; muenster melted on an englsih muffin, chili garnished with shredded colby, herbed rice

with shredded swiss, or slices of sharp cheddar and apples. The possibilities are endless with

uses for cheese.

Like all dairy products, the finest dairy products start at the source-fresh, wholesome

milk. That's why cultured dairy products from Wisconsin, America's Dairyland, have superior

quality and outstanding flavor. Make cultured dairy products from Wisconsin a delicious part of

a balanced, healthy diet. So why not, take a bite of Wisconsin!


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