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That place in your mind what is hell related to dantes inf

That Place in Your Mind

Hell is a place that is created in one's mind. It is different for each person, depending on what they believe. It can be a never-ending pit, or a room a barren room at the center of the earth, that is super hot. It can be a table with mounds of food, that people are sitting at, but cannot eat the food. Hell is whatever the mind says it to be.

Hell is a place that is created by religion. It can be a place that people are sent to, or it can be a place people land because they could not get to the holy land. In Christianity, Hell is a place that God created and sent the Devil to rule over, because he challenged God's power. It is where a person goes if she commits sins and is never redeemed again. Some religions believe in a nirvana, where all is good. On the other hand, if a person does not believe as they do, then they are sent to Hell. Other religions believe that the prophet has not yet arrived, but will, and you must devote your life to the study of past prophets, in order to God to allow a person into heaven.

Hell is a very real place to those people who believe in it. They give many descriptions of Hell, depending on what their idea of the good land is, whether it is heaven, nirvana, or something else. It can be everlasting damnation. It can be everlasting restlessness. It is what each person makes it out to be for themselves. It frequently is a place created in Paradise Lost, an epic poem about the book "Genesis." It has a part that describes Hell as a place of great heat, one where it is eternally on fire, where Lucifer rules over all. It is a place where no one would want to be, as the work is never ending, where there is eternal damnation.

Other people believe hell is not a place at all, but a mindset. If a person believes in hell, they reason, then that is where the person will go when he dies. They also believe that Hell is what a person makes it, through their actions in their lifetime. The underlying idea is that if a person does something wrong it will come back to have her.

Hell is a place that is created in one's own mind. Some persons believe that it is a religious place, while others will argue that it is created by actions of a person during his lifetime. Some say that it is a physical place, while others say it is only one's imagination. Hell is what a person makes it.

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