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The bargain ox


The type of conflict in this story is Man vs. Man. The father is fighting

against Cramer to grow the biggest pumpkin. The author sets this conflict up

by Stanley writing an article in the newspaper and Cramer seeing it. Cramer

then teases Sam about growing pumpkins. This is because for the past few

years it was Cramer who won the contest. So throughout the entire story

Sam is trying to grow this giant pumpkin when the ox just goes and tramples

the pumpkin patch. Sam seems almost devastated. He even asks God for

hail over his crops, but then it seemed to Sam a miracle happened. The

biggest pumpkin ever grown there had grown in the crushed pumpkin patch.

Cramers pumpkins could not even compete with Sam's enormous

pumpkin.Therefore, Sam won the battle and beat his protagonist.

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