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The dinner party

The dinner party

Mr. Smith has just come home from work and Mrs. Smith suggested that they could have a dinner party and send an invitation to my new chief.

I thought it was a wonderful idea then I sad "Let's do it tomorrow, if you don't have something else to do then". Then she replies "No I have nothing to do tomorrow".

Then it's settled. I call my chief and tell about the dinner party "I'll go and call him right away".

Ring, ring "Yes this is at Fowlers". "Hello this is Mr. Smith You're new colleague. I'll wonder if you and the misses could come over for dinner Friday at 8 p.m."

"Yes, thank you for the invitation, we'll be there".

"Why don't we find out what we shall have for dinner." "Yes a good idea", said Mrs. Smith.

Mr. Smith said "What about to serve a salmon" "Yes why not" answer

The next day they make dinner together. Mr. Smith has bought the salmon. When he gets home Mrs. Smith has already begun to make the dinner. He says "I'll begin on the salmon, why don't you begin on the sauce."

Mrs. Smith gets the best silver cutlery, lays the table and finds the finest table cloth in the house. What they didn't see was the cat who crawled under the table. When they are finished Mr. Smith says "I'll go and change to a suit and you can maybe take on a long dress and your finest jewellery you have".

At last the chief and his wife are here and Mrs. Fowler has flowers to give to Mrs. Smith. I'll wish they welcome to our home and introduce my wife to Mr. and Mrs. Fowler. Then we go into the dining room, but what is that. The salmon is gone. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are horrified and Mr. and Mrs. Fowlers don't know what to say. Mrs. Smith begins to cry and Mrs. Fowler tries to comfort her. I run like hell down to the Fish'n Chips and bought some food there.

When I got back all was well with Mrs. Smith and ours guests.

At last we got something to eat, even the cat got something to eat and looked very pleased with himself.

All ended well and we were already discussion when next dinner party should find place. Would there be a cat there?

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