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The flight

"The Flight"

In the Flight author Steinbeck uses Naturalism in his story. Naturalism is the

theory that there are greater forces that control our lives. In the Flight, a boy named Pepe

kills a man and is forced to leave his home and go out on his own. In his adventure he

encounters many difficulties and he counters it with his actions. One of his difficulties

was his new environment and one of his counters was his religion.

After Pepe left his home, his sister already knew his fate. She already knew he

was going to die even before it happen. As soon as his adventure began things started

going against him. It was a continues string of bad luck or naturalism for Pepe. His

horse gets hot which destroys his transportation. He gets shot then a rock perices through

his hand. His arm becomes swollen and he has awful pain. From the wound in his hand

he has poison in his blood stream. He has nowhere to run or hide. He has no protection

since he lost his knife and rifle. Here stands a stranded, injured "boy" that has no

protection or transportation. This is when his animal instinct begins. When a human he

has the talent of having the art of reason. An animal does things sometimes without

even knowing it. Who in their right mind would put a spider web in their wound. When

he relizes that his time of running has come to an end he begins to turn to his religion.

He starts to "cross" his chest as a Roman Catholic would. Then his time comes and he

pretty much commits suicide.

When Pepe leaves his home his sister has already predicted his fate and everyone

knew what was going to happen to him. It is was his environment that killed him. Pepe

adventure begins because of a death and his adventure ends with a death of him.

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