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The gambles in life

The Gambles in Life

When the word gamble is mentioned, many people think of money, but gambling is not limited to money. Gambling is simply the taking of a chance. Everyone gambles nearly all the time. We are all not gambling just for money. We gamble for practically everything. Children learn the concept of gambling very early. This concept continues throughout life.

When children are very young, they will try different things to see what will happen. For instance, a child will gamble punishment when he talks back to his parents. If he does not receive any punishment, he might consider himself winning; however if he receives punishment, he has just lost the gamble.

After children become school age, one child may get an idea in his or her mind that he or she will pass this extremely hard test through cheating. This person will take a gamble on cheating. If this person succeeds, he will pass the test; nevertheless if this person gets caught , he will receive a zero on the test.

When these school age children become dating age, many will take also take gambles. A male will talk a gamble by asking a female for a date. This male is wandering will this lovely female will say "yes," or "no." If the female says "yes," He has won the gamble; although the male has lost the gamble is the female says "no."

As life progresses, this child continues to gamble. When this person gets old enough to obtain a driver's license, he will continue to take chances. Some people will drive very recklessly by speeding, disobeying traffic signs, running traffic lights, and even passing. When a person does any of these, he gambles with both his life and even the law. Through speeding, and disobeying signs and traffic lights, a person takes the risk of having an accident, receiving a ticket or an injury or even killing himself.

As an adult, one might continue to gamble with driving, but he or she will try gambling where money is concerned. Some people will try to win more money at playing cards, betting on horse races, or playing the lottery. Some people will try to play the stock market or try to operate a business. Some people can become so obsessed with gambling that they will bet so much money that they will lose their house, car, and other personal belongings. Other people will gamble moderately so they will become very rich.

In "The Rocking Horse Winner," by D. H. Lawrence, the child Paul notices the complaint "There must be more money. " Paul rides his toy horse and notifies his Uncle Oscar on which horse to gamble in the race. After Paul's uncle Oscar receives winnings, Paul rides again to notify his uncle for even larger winnings. When Paul is interrupted by his mother, this kills him. Here the gamble is between Paul's life and huge amount of riches.

Nearly everything a person does creates a gamble of some description. Some people begin gambling when they are very young and continue till they are very old. The main difference when a person is young and when he is old is what they gamble over.

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