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The history of intel corporation

History of The Intel Corporation

The Intel Corporation is the largest manufacturer of computer devices in the world. In this research paper I will discuss where, ehrn, and how Intel was founded, the immediate effects that Intel made on the market, their marketing strategies, their competition, and finally, what Intel plans to do in the future.

Intel didn't just start out of thin air, it was created after Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore first founded Fairchild Semiconductor with six other colleagues. Fairchild Semiconductor was going pretty well for about ten years when Bob and Gordon decided to resign because they were tired of not being able to do things the way they wanted to; they proceeded to establish a new integrated cicuits electronics company. Gordon suggested that semiconductor memory looked promising enough to risk starting a new company. Intel was born.

Intel made quite an impact on the industry soon after it was founded. The sales revenues jumped enormously through Intel's International exspansion to many countries including Europe and the Phillipines in the early 70's. From 1969 to 1970 Intel's revenues went up by almost four-million dollars! Today, Intel is one of the biggest companies pulling in billions and billions of dollars each year.

Intel has had many factors over the years that has allowed it to monopolize the computer industry thus resulting in small competition. First of all, Intel is almost 25 years ahead of it's competitors. Therefore, most companies are just starting out and have little or no effect on Intel's sales. Another reason is obviously Intel's reputation. They have built up such a standard of excellence that when someone hears the word Intel they think high-quality.

Intel's popularity, reputation, and revenues are a direct result of their marketing strategies. Again, one of the most important factors that has made Intel so sucessful is their reputation that has been built up since they started. The Intel Inside program which was launced in May of 1991 was a promotional campaign that placed the Intel Inside Logo on all computers containing the new 486 processor. Clever and effective advertising has also increased Intel's popularity. One of the most popular commercials advertising the Pentium processor shows a fly-through inside a computer then it scans down showing the Intel Logo on the processor.

Intel definately has a very bright future ahead of them. By continually creating faster and more advanced processors and other computer components. They are always one step ahead of the competition which makes them a leader.

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