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The holocaust

F.C.A.'s Nick Bulsara

1.thesis in introduction. 11/08/96 Pd.3

2.transitions before each paragraph

3. strong support for each reason.

Dear Elie,

We both know that the holocaust of the Jews was an extraordinary event in the Jews' lives. Such a mass destruction will never be forgotten by anyone. Families were torn apart and rarely you would come by a friend or a relative. You and your father were very fortunate to have stuck together. You two were close and would do anything for each other. When your father was beaten, you were scared out of your mind. You didn't know what to do. I think that if you would have defended your father it would have done everybody some good.

You should have helped your father out because it was the right thing to do. Your father did so much for you; it was the least you could have done for him. Your father raised you and supported you; without him you wouldn't be what you are today. I would have helped my father out if I were in this situation.

Honestly, your dad is the only thing you have left. You had to protect him and show him you care. If you had taken action, your father would have been proud of you. I love my dad and I'd do anything for him because without him I'm nothing.

In reality, you could have started a revolt against the Nazis; you outnumbered them by thousands to one. If you'd struck the Gypsy, your father or someone else would have backed you up and would have started an uprising. At first, some Jews were actually thinking of a revolt.

To be brief, helping your father would have been the right thing to do. Face it, there really isn't much to lose; atleast you'd gone off with some pride and dignity.


Nick Bulsara

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