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The hounted house

The Haunted House

Chapter 1

Getting Ready

One day in Hartford, Connecticut on All Hollows Eve, 1961 Erin Cogswell was getting her costume ready.

"Mom! Where's my ribbon?" asked Erin.

"Right down next to me. I was making sure it would fit you. Come down and get it!" her mother answered.

Erin's costume is a fifties girl with a poodle skirt, a white long sleeved shirt with a small poodle on the left shoulder, and her long brown hair is in a pony tail. Erin is ten years old. Erin is going to a Haunted House with her 2 best friends, Katie Web and Jenny Eller.

Just then the phone rang "ring ring"

Erin answered the phone.

"Hello...Oh good, I'm just about ready...all right...good...See you in a few minutes. Bye."

"Who was it Erin?" her mother asked.

"It was Jenny, she said she and Katie were ready. They will be over in a few minutes!" Erin yelled so her mother could hear her.

"Din dong!" rang the doorbell.

"I'll get it!" yelled Mrs. Cogswell.

"Trick or treat!" Jenny and Katie stated.

"Here's your treat. Come on in, Erin's in her room."

"Thanks." Katie said.

"Hi guys!" Erin said before they could reach the door, "Ready to go trick or treating?"

"You bet!" said Katie, who was a ghost.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Jenny asked, she was a witch.

They went to 98 houses before they went to the haunted house. They got 5 candies at each house, so they each have 490 candies. The 98th house was their last house except the haunted one which is supposed to be deserted.

Chapter 2

The Fright

They got to the haunted house. They knocked on the door. The door opened all by itself. They got scared. They started walking inside the house. They went into a bedroom.

All of a sudden Jenny saw a man pop out of the bedroom closet quietly. She was about to scream, but he shoved her in the closet in the nick of time.

The man looked like a regular man but he had a huge head full of scars and one green eye and one blue eye. Boy! Was he scary looking.

Then the man snuck over to Katie while Erin was looking out the window. She was about to scream too but the man was smart so he grabbed her mouth and shoved her out the room and into the hall closet under the stairs.

Now all of a sudden something crashed in the kitchen. The man went back to his hiding place.

Chapter 3


Now Erin could not see any of her friends. Erin was good at finding people so she found her friends in no time. The girls were about to leave when the man came back. He chased the kids in bedrooms and out up the stairs and in the attic. The man shut the door behind them. Erin knew they were trapped! The man came closer to them and...

Chapter 4

The Move

32 years later Ashley Well and her family were moving into a house (if your wondering, the haunted house). Later on, Ashley's parents had to go somewhere. So Ashley decided after they left, to go exploring the house.

Chapter 5

The Phone Call

Ashley Well went exploring the house. She went through all the rooms except for the attic. Ashley did not explore the attic because a very strange hunger swept over her, so she went back to the kitchen to get something to eat, she made herself a monstrous sandwich. That's when the phone rang.

Ashley answered the phone, "Hello, Oh hi Allison.' Ashley said.

'What exact house do you live in?" Allison asked.

"I live at 1234 Partridge drive Hartford, Connecticut 06708."

"Oh no your house is supposed to be haunted by 3 people they are all girls our age!"

"I don't believe it! I've got to go bye!" Ashley said shocked.

Chapter 6

The Attic

That was when Ashley decided to search the attic just so she knew there were no ghosts. By this time it was 9:00 at night so she knew she would probably see the ghost if there were any.

Ashley thought Allison was only kidding, but she thought she should look any way.

So she went to the attic and opened the door and "A A A A A A A H H H H H H H!" kirplunk Ashley fell to the floor, she had fainted.

Timed passed...and passed...and passed...and passed. Finally Ashley woke up. Ashley ran all the way downstairs. By this time her parents were back and ready to go to sleep.

"Hey, what are you doing up? It's way past midnight." Her mother said.

'Ding Ding'

"To be correct 2oclock in the morning."

Her father said ,"Now get to bed!"

so Ashley went to bed.

Chapter 7

The Finding

The next day Ashley went to school and made 2 new best friends, Holly and Steph. Ashley invited them to go to her house after school. It was now summer so she thought maybe they could sleep over. After school all three of them went to Ashley's house. Ashley showed them around the house.

"Hey how about the attic!" Steph asked.

"Oh ya I forgot about that. I haven't seen the attic, yet. Lets go!" Ashley answered, she lied.

So Ashley took Steph & Holly up to the Attic hoping what she saw last time was only a dream.

They walked up the stairs and opened the door and...

"Ha Ha, He He He, Ha Ha Ha!" Steph and Holly laughed and laughed and laughed.

"Hu?" Ashley was puzzled.

"Nice joke!" Holly said.

"It's not a joke." Ashley said in a weird way.

Holly, Steph and Ashley searched the attic. They saw 1 girl hung wearing a ghost costume and written in blood on the costume was BEWARE. They also saw another girl who was stabbed dressed as a witch and written in blood on her costume was I'M OUT TO GET YOU.

"Hay, the legend was right, the legend about Derek The Dead, remember our teacher told us the story this morning. It must have been true. But let's not tell anyone about it!" Steph said.

"Let's look around for more slues!" Holly said/

"Oh my, the 3rd girl is missing, Erin. You know why I know because Erin was dressed as a fifties girl, there is no fifties girl here. Jenny was dressed as a witch and Katie a ghost. I wonder were she is now, If she was alive she could help us to solve the mystery. If Derek The Dead is still alive she could help us kill him!" Steph screamed but not loud enough for Mr. And Mrs. Well to hear.

Right after she said that a girl walked off from one of the boards that is holding the roof up.

Chapter 8

The Spell

"Oh my josh! It's Erin!" Ashley said, "Hey you guys stay up here I will be right back I just have to see if my parent are home."

Ashley ran down stairs and she was happy that her parents were gone. They left a note saying they wont be back till late that night. Ashley went back upstairs and said that her parents will not be home for awhile.

"I heard you say that if I was here and still alive that I could help you kill Derek The Dead. Well here I am. I will help you." Erin said.

The other were still in shook. Finally Steph got up the nerve to say something.

"Well uh that's good. But are you still alive or are you a ghost trying to scare us? If you are it is really working." That's what she said but she said it like she was under a spell.

"Uh Steph what are you doing, why are you acting so strange?" Ashley asked. She really was acting strange. By this time she was dancing with Jenny, the dead girl that was hung.

"You think that was strange look at her now!" right this minute she was doing the tango on he butt.

"Is she under a spell or something, Holly?" Ashley asked.

"I really don't know." Holly answered.

"I so she is under a spell from my poodle that is on my left shoulder. The only way to get rid of Derek the Dead. And then change my cloths and then burn the picture of the poodle." Erin said, "He only comes out on Holloween."

A long wile past.

Chapter 9

The plan

It was the day before Holloween. They made their plan.

"all right, so we are going to dress as plumbers because Derek hates plumbers. Holly and I will chase Derek to the bathroom where you, Ashley, will take your plunger and push Derek in the toilet.

The next day they put their plan into action and it worked perfectly. After they did their plan, Ashley gave Erin close to wear and they burned the poodle. Steph came out of the spell and Erin had to leave. They were very sad because they had become quit fond of her.

The End

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