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The levels of agriculture

The Levels of the FFA

The first level of the FFA is the local level. The local level is our school, Baren County High. Our local level belongs to a larger group called the Chapter. Our chapter is Barren County. There are 12 local levels in the Barren County Chapter. The next level is the Regoinal level. The Regional level is a bunch of the chapters from one part of the state. The regional level is then brought up with the other regional levels that make up the state. The state is one of the 54 states of the National Level(including the USA states, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico). There are over 450,000 members in the FFA from the USA.

These Levels are similar because they each have officers, they each have a set of rules, they each have programs for the members. The officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasuser, Advisor, Reporter, Sentinal, and Parliamenitarian. The rules or guidelines are basically the same in all of the levels. The programs differ according to the chapters, and how they want to run their program of events.

These levels are different becaue they have different officers and the condition of the state. Each officer and advisor would have different opinions about a program in Florida than an officer and advisor in Colorado. The condition of a state might not allow one chapter to do a certain event that another state would let it do.

That is basically about all there is to tell about the levels of the FFA.

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