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The old man and the see


In the beginning of the 1970`s in USA was an older military network called ARPANET converted to Internetvork wish was a network between networks. Accept a few Universities

was it foremost enterprices and organisations wich was important for the american army who was connected to Internetwork.

Resons of security made Internetwork anarchistic.It wasen`t supose to be any cental computer wich controlled Internetwork and the computertrafic was supose to direct it self so if a thought

road suddenly wasen`t accessible the trafic should find a new way by it self. Because of this the enemy couldent in war strike out Intenetwork by bombing individual servers and main computers.

In the end of the 1970`s was allmost all american Universities and majority connected to

it so called protocoll TCP/IP wich to day is the main glue in Internet.

In 1985 Internet had grovn to the wolds gratest network and more and more organisation outside USA connected them self to Internet. But still most people haden`t heard of Internet.

First under the 90`s Internet began to become a rather known word among the public.

At the same time 1991 Gopfer was released.Gopher made it posibly to click yone self forward in a Windows envioroment with your mouse instead of typing long,difficult UNIX command.

Two years later the next revolution WWW was released. WWW made it abel for ordinary peoply the surf on internet. Internet began to grow wery fast 1993 it became posible for enterprices to rent ecces to internet to privitepersons.At the same time it came a new generations of modem more then 10 times fastern the the old ones this made connection for privatepersons posible.

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