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The road to the future

The Road To The Future... Is Here!

At HAVOC Software we are looking out for your needs and your company's future! HAVOC Software is a software company that let's you design the program. HAVOC Software takes care of all the code! We are your personal application masters. The outcome of the program that we will write for you will be actually thought up by you, to make it 100% "you friendly". Simply, mail or E-mail exactly what you want your application to do. Tell us the purpose, how you want it to be used, and what data we will need to create your company a working, "you friendly" application. There is NO COST up front; after we read your visual description of the program you want, we will contact you and make sure what you want is what YOU want! It's simple....We write you a personal "you friendly" program and just GIVE it to you! You use it and pay us if you think it will help you and your company! How can you lose?

No matter what kind of application you want developed by HAVOC Software, we can assure you it will fit your needs as well as be a easy way to use a graphical interface application. We will personally make sure our application will make you, your employees, and your company a more productive, futuristic, faster, and most of all, a smarter company. We are asking you, the person in charge, to consider our offer which will save your company time and money. Just give us a chance to make a working personal application for your company.

"How is the Technical support?"

Just imagine a genie living inside of a bottle who lives by your computer. And every time you need something, you just rub the bottle and bam! A genie Magically appears to help you with anything you want! HAVOC Software is that genie and has 100% technical support to help you through anything regarding the application we have designed for you! The program we created for you will also have 100% documented instructions on how to use and put your application to work.

"Is there any boundary to what kind of program I want?"

Is there a boundary to the knowledge that one can know?! Certainly not! The only boundary is your boundary. HAVOC Software's employees will be honored to work for you. And we will come together to make you a application so powerful and so "you friendly" that it will actually assist in jumping your company to the top of the competition.

Copyright (c) HAVOC Software

"How much is this going to cost my company?"

The product we design for you will actually be FREE! But if you like the application we design for you and it actually makes a difference to your company's production and brings your company out of the dark ages and into the technical computer light, then we would accept payment of what you think it was worth to you.

"Is the application going to work on my computer?"

HAVOC Software is a IBM compatible company. The developing software we use is for Windows 95, Windows 3.X, and DOS 6+. Please make sure you state what kind of system you're using. At this time we do not support Macintosh , Windows NT and Unix, so make sure neither of these systems are resident on your computer.

"Why are we doing this?"

We are a group of high school students with a accumulative total of 15 years of computer knowledge. We all are pursuing careers in the computer world and feel this service will increase our knowledge as well as assist you in areas you may not have the time or expertise to explore.

"OK, I want HAVOC Software to write me a friendly powerful application! So what do I do?"

First write a letter explaining what you want your application to do.

Explain your reason for the application.

Tell us what kind of application you want (Windows 95, Windows 3.X, DOS).

Tell us the best time to contact you.

Forward the letter by US or E-Mail.

A representative from HAVOC Software will contact you.

IT's that simple!!!

Copyright (c) HAVOC Software

Other services HAVOC Software offers

Data Entry

On site $6.00 a hour

Off site ((Call)specialized rates)

WEB Page Design (Call)


HAVOC Software

10617 Viani Way

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


[email protected]

Copyright (c) HAVOC Software

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