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The ugliest tie

The outdated tie lies in a world under a drawer. Secretively stowed and locked away for years, the tie has withdrawn from the world where it was once suave. The passé tie is today's pariah and will plague the wearer with banters from all over.

The flashy illuminating polyester fabric gleams with a lust of shiny plastic coating. The tie is milky colored all around and at the center a cherry colored circle. However, as creative as it may seem, the tie is indifferent to any color other than ivory or ebony. Thus, a snow-white suit with beaming bleach-white colored shoes is necessary in order to pair with this particular tie.

History has taught that fashion is something that relates to the time period. As the people evolve from the seventies they realize that clothes could not be outrageous or it would decease as a fad.

This bland tie fits very well with the seventies or the eighties because fashion was at its experimental stage, but it is the nineties. People are starting to understand about complementary and matching colors and getting better in putting together articles of clothes.

Vividly, it can be imagined that such a tie is not suited with the nineties decade. It is neither a complementary colored garment nor a fashion statement. Because some individuals cannot tell the difference between "slick" and "sanguine," they wear appalling combinations of clothing like tuxedo coats and surfer shorts. Unless a person was in desperation to wear such a conglomerate garb, he would only humor others.

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