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The vist

The night sky of Neton was a clear one. The deep blue,

almost a black but well illuminated by the bright full

moon, glistened with a pattern of twinkling stars. The

background light from Brisbane was almost nonexistent,

a pleasant change of atmosphere that was rarely appreciated

by most.

Except Jane. She loved the clear sky, the faint presence of

the Milky Way as it wrapped itself across the near-endless

plane that was the sky She stood out on the balcony, staring

into the azure. Was there life out there? she wondered. The

universe is so huge, why not? Besides, with all the strange

things that happen in the world you'd think that there might

as well be aliens to make the group whole.

A streak of light suddenly pierced the night's sky and left a

dazzling trail of cosmic dust behind it. Jane gasped in awe.

A falling star. The brightest she had seen! She quickly closed

her eyes and made a wish, knowing that a wish from a falling star

had excellent chances of coming to pass. But the wish had to be

strongly formed in one's mind, or else it would dissipate with all

the other bits of wishful thinking that took place in the night.

She tried to form an image, . She almost had it. She slowly

opened her eyes and visualized... Max. Standing at the

door and was looking at her with an air of mild curiosity.

"HEY Jane" he yelled! " What the hell are you doing ?"

Jane nearly fell backwards. He was no vision!

That idiot was once again eavesdropping on her!

"I WAS making a wish, you jerk!" she blurted out, "You've

just ruined it, though!"

"Making wishes ? Don't bother. No amount of wishing

will make you a better cook. I think that's more of a

miracle-type-thing... What's the Wish Anyway ?"

""I Wouldn't Tell You, If i did it wouldn't Come true."

"Yeah Sure" yelled Max as he exited out of Jane's room.

Upon the windy steeples of the tall buildings of Neton loomed a

new presence, one whose kind hadnt visited the Earth for many

years. it was a change of pace for the being. The lonely confies

of a spaceship and now the enormous, busy main street of Neton was

a major shock for the creature who was sent here by his ruling

body for one purpose. His mission was to find an inhabitant of

this world who is worthy and give him/her a piece of technology

that will give their Kind the means to break the confines of

their Solar System and go to the stars. He has been watching

the people of this planet for a long time so that he may choose

a person to receive such a great gift.

As he bounded off to the residence of the Inhabitant he though of

as worthy he activated his invisibility field. He could travel

unseen amongst the crowd. The field Crackled as the being disappeard

into the night sky

The cool breeze brushed on Jane as she walked. The sun danced on her

head while the wind blew her shoulder length hair back and forth over

her lightly tanned face. She suddenly stopped in her tracks by a faint

tingling of danger which hung on the breeze forced her to turn around.

What she saw made her gasp in shock.

The Creature who faced her wore a long robe which was colored a

dark gray and he used a broch in the shape of a diamond to bind the

robe together. His face had eyes twice as dark as the midnight sky

and his hair was bound in 6 Rasta Plats of 1 foot long each. But his

main feature was a arm band which had keys and a L.C.D. screen written

in a langwich which she could not understand. "Are You Jane" he asked

with a voice which had a synthetic feel to it

"Y.Y..Yes Why?" Jane stuttered still in shock.

"Because I have been Sent to find a person such

as you who is not selfish, to Sacrifice oneself for another

not for fame, not for glory, but for one cause, in the dark

where no one will ever know or see. I have searched for many

Earth years, for a person like You. You who will be the one

to send your race to the stars," With that he thust a arm band into her

arms. She examined the arm band. It was like the aliens but the Keys

and the L.C.D screen were in English. Attached to it was a note.

The Alien Mumbled "The past tempts us, the present confuses us, and

the future frightens us ...And our lives slip away, moment by moment,

lost in that vast terrible in-between. But there is still time to

seize that one last fragile moment, to choose something better, to

make a difference. Farewell JANE I hope that one day your race and

mine will meet each other in amongst the stars and greet

each other in peace".

"Wait what is you name ?"

"I am called Tarou and i come from a Race called Lumtie" with that

he touched a button on his armband and disappeard with a crackle of

electricity leaving a stunned Jane all alone on the path.

As Jane walked home she opened the Note that was taped onto the arm

band. it read "Jane, this Armband Contains all the information that

the Lumtie know Use it well this armband also has other features on

it. You will find them when the time is right.

Good luck Jane, May your desions be the right ones.

The Night Sky was illuminated like always by the light's of Brisbanes

skyscrapers. Jane was arguing with Max as usual

"But you Haven't even tried it yet".

"I don't have to eat it to know it's toxic".

"We'll see about that"

"Quit it Jane your freaking me out"

"just try it"

"OK just Notify my next of kin will you"

"Oh Ha Ha very Funny, Now EAT It"

As Max took a bite of the strange looking food he Exclaimed

"You know this isn't half bad. Just don't use that much pepper Ok"

With that Jane walked out of the dining room and back out on to her

porch and took of her jumper. On her arm was the Armband with a

cooking program on it. She looked out over the Brisbane skyline.

Out of the corner of her eye Jane caught a glimpse of something

arcing through the night sky and turned to look at the object A

falling star! Not as bright as the one she witnessed the night

this whole thing started, but a falling star nonetheless. Jane

began to think up a wish. And then stopped herself. No, she didn't

have to make that wish, there was no need.

It had already come true.


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