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The wave


Best ones so far are these next two

40 dollar setup fee and 5 dollars a month

so 100 dollars by math but when totaled i think

he said 112 dollars one time payment and i get

email but no web space

he has a T1 connection and a 10 to 1 ratio

says it will probably be free next year because of

companies putting commercials on there

good location at wilcrest and I-10

unlimited access 713-932-1616

next is 1 year unlimited access for 120 dollars

ratio is better at 8 to 1 and i get email and 5 megs

of web space too

one time payment

but i can go monthly for 14.95

also they have a T1 connection


Houston Internet Access


14.95 unlimited no setup fees at all

sprynet 19.95 unlimited no setup


Worldlink Unlimited

16.80 total unlimited



25 setup then 15 a month

or 134 prepaid one year unlimited

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