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Three things worth fighting for

Three Things Worth Fighting For

Fighting is not something that I would recommend but there are some

things worth fighting for no matter what the cost. These fights do not have

to be physical battles. Though depending on the problem they can be very

physical, they could even result I death. So when you read this think of what

you would do in one of these situations. The three most important things to

me worth fighting for are my life, my family, and me freedom.

The most important thing to fight for to me is my life. A person

should always want to fight for there life. If a person is threatening your life

in any way you should fight so hard that they wished they had never

attempted to hurt you. This can be done legally or physically.

Also a family is a very important thing to have. If anyone should try to

come in the way of your family they should be punished . Your family is

there for you to lean on when you need support and love. That is why my

family is the most important thing to me to fight for.

In addition to the other two topics, my third thing to fight for would

be my freedom. My freedom is very important to me. I would fight so I

would not be under communistic rule or enslaved in any way. Also I would

fight to stay out of prison if I was falsely accused. Therefore that is why this

is the third most important thing I would fight for.

In conclusion to what I have said I feel it is wrong to take someone's

life away, harm there family, or take there freedom away. These are all very

important things in any life to fight for. They should be important to others

to. In conclusion my life, my family, and my freedom are the most

important things in my life.

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