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Time machine

Allan Psaila

The Time Machine

Since this movie is a science fiction movie, the events in which they take place are not plausible. If it was possible to create a time machine then there are many plausible events.

The theory on the 4th dimension at the beginning of the movie is very plausible and also the theory on how the time machine works and runs through time.

Also another plausible event in which how the world changes as he progressed through to the future. He would also have to deal with the effects that time and change did to others that he knew and loved. When he left the time machine to go see how his world would have changed in 40 years he learns that his friend had died in the war.

When he journeyed into the far future he notices that the world is split into two different sections: The underground people and the people who live on top of the ground. The people who live on top of the ground are like the new breed of people who don't know of the past and they don't really know anything at all, and in a sense they are food for the Morlocks or the underground people. This type of future could be plausible if the people where split up and some went one way and others went another.

There are many plausible and non plausible events in which take place in this movie. It has a very good story line but since the creation of a time machine has not yet happend that we know of.

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