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To kill a mocking bird 2

Everyone is not prejudice, but for some it is a horrible reality.

Everyone in Maycomb is not prejudice, but by their actions the Cunninghams,

the Ewells, and the jury are all prejudice.

The Cunninghams are prejudice because of the things they do.

Mr. Cunningham showed up at the jail for Tom Robinson's lynching.

After the lynching Mr. Cunningham does not seem very prejudice as he did


"Get aside from the door Mr. Finch"

Likewise the Ewells are Prejudice because of the decisions that they


They accused Tom Robinson of Raping Mayella.

Mr. Ewell spit in Atticus's face at the court house.

After Tom was dead Mr. Ewell told Mrs. Robinson that she couldn't walk down

the street anymore.

"You Niger Lover."

Furthermore the jury is also prejudice because of the way that they treat

Tom Robinson.

They automatically believed that Tom was guilty because he was black.

They didn't pay much attention to the trial.

The Cunninghams, Ewells, and the jury are a representation of prejudice.

Because of the actions they take the Cunninghams are prejudice.

The decisions that the Ewells make show that they are also prejudice.

Furthermore the way that the jury treats Tom Robinson show that they are


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