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To kill a mockingbird thesis


I feel that many characters in To Kill a Mockingbird showed courage. They did not all show the same type of courage, but I will try to explain the courage of Atticus, Scout, and Tom Robinson as I saw it.

First, Atticus. Atticus was one of the people who showed the largest amount of courage. He showed courage when he shot the dog. He showed courage in not fighting when it seemed to be the only thing to do. But, first and foremost, he showed courage in taking the Robinson case. Because "even though you're beaten 100 years before you started is no reason not to do something". This is one of the things that Atticus lives by.

Scout also has courage, but in a different way. She has shown courage in many situations, such as when she has stood up for her brother, and also when she hasn't. Overall, Scout has just as much courage as any of the adults, but it is the courage of a child.

Tom Robinson is different from any of the other characters. He does,however, show his fair share of courage. He has the courage to say "I felt sorry for her" to the jury about May Ella. He has the courage to trust Atticus when the mob comes for him, and not until after they leave does he say "Are they gone yet ?".

In conclusion, I feel that most of the people in Maycomb have courage, and use it towards a good cause.

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