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University application essay

The cycle of life is just a big step towards growing up. Throughout my young

adolescent year, I had to experience my childhood without my parents. This experience

was my first step towards becoming an adult. Ever since I was a boy growing up in

Taiwan, my parents was always there when I needed help and gave whatever I wanted.

They decided to send me to the United States to get a better education. This experience

was my first crisis that I ever encountered and allowed me to realize that I had to grow up

into a young mature adult.

Even though living with my uncle and auntie was a wonderful idea, it felt

different to have them as my father and mother figures. My brothers and I didn't

enjoyed being scold at and punished for being disobedient and often felt that they were

extremely strict, hard, and discipline on us. During times of argument with my uncle,

I felt very rebellious because they were not my real parents and often developed strong

resentment towards them and my parents. Since I was the oldest one in my family, all

the responsibility of taking care of my brothers and cousins was carried upon my

obligations. The expectation of graduating from high school and pursuing on to a

prestige college came all suddenly crushing down upon my life.

With this pressure at home in the United States, the most significant event that

I had to deal with was my parents unhappily marriage. Receiving the news about my

parents divorce brought severe depression and confusion towards my thought on life and

why they sent us here to the United States.

During this moment, I felt the reason that they sent us to America was only a

excuse for them not wanting us. I couldn't cope with this kind of pressure and problem

all at one time. My uncle realize that my bad progress in high school and disrespectful

attitude at home was the result of my parents divorce. His guidance help me to

overcome my fear to face reality. He said, " You have to understand that your parents

purpose of sending you to America is to get an education so that you will succeed in the

future. Your parents only wants what is best for you and still loves each one of you."

After hearing his advice and speaking with my parents, I came to accept reality that I had

to start growing up and stop being a baby.

The idea of striving to work harder and better at my community college, Rio

Hondo was to fulfill my dream of transferring into an university. I was determined to

pursue this goal and to set an example on my brothers. If you set you mind to do

something, then anything can happen. I didn't want to disappoint my parent's

expectation. I only wanted them to be proud of me. Most of all, I understood the

importance of an education will only help you succeed in life and step towards growing


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