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Verification of employable skills


Interpersonal skills are a necessary and beneficial part of the working

world. The ability to work with others successfully is very important in most

careers. While playing on my High School Freshmen Soccer Team,

I have been a witness to the necessity of being able to work with my fellow peers.

If we did not work well together we would not have had a winning season. As well

as playing soccer, I played saxophone in my eighth grade band. We all had to work

together to be able to perform efficiently in the many concerts we consummated.

Coming in after school for practices and smaller practices during the school day

all helped us to unite and play music. This skill will enable me to work with other

people, no matter what my personal feelings for them may be.

Being able to use technology will be a profound advantage when I begin

working. Many jobs now, and soon will, require proficiency in the use of a

computer. Computers help by doing many jobs that were once thought to be

impossible. Computers have brought on major advancements that have led to more

cost efficient, reliable businesses and everyday items. My computer has many uses

in my life. I research numerous topics on the Internet and type reports as well.

With my computer, I can be in touch with people around the world. I can learn

many things from the people I meet and the places I go. This is why it is vital

for everyone to be able to have this experience. The educational potential of

the computer should not be taken for granted, but instead used to its fullest.

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