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Was the grand prix benificial for melbourne

Issues Part -B-

Was the Grand Prix, promoted as "The Great Race" which was

held at Albert Park beneficial for Melbourne, or was it just

a huge waste of taxpayers money? The race was televised to

650 million people in 130 different countries is expected to

pump $50 million into the Victorian economy every year and

boost tourism enormously.

I along with the owners of seventy-two percent of hotels, motels,

restaurants and other entertainment complexes agree that

Albert Park having the Grand Prix will have a positive impact

on business. Infact it pumped $10 - $15 million into local

business. This will mean these businesses did put on more

part time staff who will be gaining valuable work experience

and there will also be a flow on effect to suppliers of these

industries. Fifty-nine percent of interstate visitors and

forty five percent of overseas visitors would not have come

to Adelaide in a two year period because of the Grand Prix if

not for the race. By Albert Park getting the Grand Prix

created between 1000-1500 new jobs. The Grand Prix will

promote Victoria on an international scale with international

press, television and media caring out a world wide coverage

of this event. This could convince people to come and visit

Melbourne and would also be a major tourism boost.

Approximately $23.8 million has been spent overhauling the

park and upgrading the Lake side track. They built better

fences and barricades to help protect spectators in case of a

crash, and the track is said to be the safest and finest in

the world, creating a benchmark for Albert Park. Temporary

seating will cater for 150,000 people, and there was

approximately an attendance of 400,000 over the four days.

9,000 part-time jobs and 1,000 full-time jobs were created

over the weekend.

The "greenies" are still trying to stop the race at Albert

Park. First it was "Save The Park" and now it's "Stop The

Grand Prix." At first they protested about the cutting down

of hundreds of trees to make way for the track. But this has

been overcome by the replanting of 5000 new trees which would

cover 16 football ovals. This is almost double the amount of

trees that were there previously. They don't care about the

huge impact that the race had on Melbourne, instead they

unsuccessfully protest against it and by doing so it has cost

the Victorian taxpayers $1.3 million. But the track has

already been built and the first race held, so there is no

chance of it being removed and the park could never be

transformed back to its original state. Although there was

approximately 5,000 tons of rubbish, it has all been cleaned

up and in the process, a number of people have gained

temporary employment.

The residents of Albert Park that disagree with the idea for

the Grand Prix. They say it would spoil the "Parks Effect"

and the fumes will kill all plant and animal life there

previously. They say their houses will be engulfed with fumes

and that it would not be very safe for their young children.

They do not feel safe with their houses so close to the

track. But on the other hand because their houses are so

close to the track the value of their homes will rise.

Because the race was held so recently it is hard to judge how

big an impact it had on the economy. Probably at the same

time next year would be a better time to judge the impact it

had. But already we can see the benefits, Albert Park is now

known on a international scale, many new jobs have been

created, local and big business' have also benefited due to

tourism. So it is quite obvious that the race overall was a

success with no thanks to the protesters.

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