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Welcome to the internet

Good evening I would like to welcome you all here this evening to our symposium on "Then & Now the Evolution of a society"

Things Have Changed dramatically since the 1920's

This Panel of researchers that you see before you are here to talk to you about the events and issues from the past 75 years that have led up society as we know it today.

starting from left to right I would like to Introduce this panel to you

first we have Lori who is an expert in the political arena and she will touch on a few issues on how politics itself has not really changed but how the politicians get there message across has

Next to her we have Yolanda who is an expert on African American leaders and the profound effect they have made in the Last 75 years.

Next in the Panel is Peggy she is here to talk about the role of women in society and the role that they have played in the formation of the world as we know it today.

***we all would not be here today if education didn't play a role in the evolution of society and here to talk to you about the evolution of education is Jaime.

Later on this evening I will be speaking about the role that technology has dramatically impacted the world as we know it and my Name is Matthew

And finally our last researcher is Christine and she will discuss the influence of music on this evolution of society

from then until now an evolution of society.

I will bring each of the speakers up to make a brief statement of there research and then after they have finished we will open the floor for questions

Again Welcome here this evening

I would like now to bring up our first expert Lori

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