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What is an american

What is an American?

What is a modern American? I think there is no such thing as an

American, because many people were not born in the United States, and

have not lived here most of their lives. All of us have different roots

from different places outside the U.S., although we may have been born

here. It all depends on your own opinion if you're an American or not.

You can call yourself an American if you want, but you might not have

been born here or lived here very long. In America, you are free, and

have the option of making a better living than anywhere else in the

world. This may not be true to many other people who live and make a

good living in foreign locations, if you would ask them.

A modern American is somebody who lives in the U.S.,

respectively, and moved here or was moved here for good reasons, such

as finding a great job, living in a better home, having a better

environment, or to just start your life all over again (If something

regrettably went wrong.) Whatever the reason, almost anybody can find

their place in America. What would America be like without the government

we have today? Well, it would be a lot like the Colonial times, and that

was not a good time period to be in. There may be a lot of crime in America,

but there are always more policemen, soldiers, or CIA agents ; it does not

matter. These soldiers and policemen and agents ; they are all modern

Americans. They try to help other people in trouble, and try to make

America a better place for other people to live in.

People like that are what make up America. They hold the society

together, and make sure our neighborhood is safe, and so on. If we didn't

have people like this, there would be no America. Just a land full of crime,

treason, greediness, etc. Modern Americans are responsible for being our

friends and families who live in this country. This leads me to my

conclusion that despite the certain obvious flaws, America is still and

will always be a great place to live, whether you're a business-man,

engineer, policeman, or whatever you choose to be ; it does not matter.

This is strictly my opinion, though. Other people who live in foreign

countries may love where they live, and would never want to move over to

America, for any reason whatsoever. As I stated before, America is and

always will be a wonderful place to live.

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