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What piece of art influenced my life

Thousands upon thousands of tombs glistening in the sunlight at Arlington National Cemetery. The skillful systematic arrangement of the tombs silently spoke of lost lives, lost promises and lost dreams. As I looked down upon this huge burial sight, I thought about the squad rants of soldiers who inevitably lost their lives. What questions did they have about the

war in which they were fighting? Was their country worth dying for? These questions will forever remain unanswered; however, their tombs will permanently remain to remind generation after generation that some things are worth fighting for.

Upon arriving home from my trip to Washington D. C, I realized how lucky I am to have the opportunity to live and study freely in the United States. If it had not been for the many soldiers who fought to keep the United States a free country, who knows what the world would be like today. The courage that each one of those soldiers possessed constantly inspires me to stand up and fight for what I believe to be important. Even though Arlington National Cemetery is not considered art in the traditional sense, I consider it to be a huge art gallery filled with thousands of canvases painted with many stories from the past.

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