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Why i need a car


English 10 Block F

Why I need a car

Living in the British Properties is a pain! Is only one of three reasons why I need a car. I need a car because I live at the top of the British Properties, I'm getting a job, and I have friends in different cities. Living in the British Properties is annoying when it comes to transportation. My parents are hardly ever home to give me a ride, so I have to take the buses. Buses hardly ever come and when they do they are always fifteen minutes late. I hate late buses because usually when I wait for them it's freezing cold. Furthermore, when I get my job how am I supposed to get their in time with late buses. It takes me three hours to bus to Richmond to see my friends. If I had a car, all these problems would be solved

Living in the British Properties has to be the biggest problem with transportation because the buses hardly ever come, it's far away from everything, and the weather is terrible. The buses come every hour on weekdays and only three times on Sundays. I have complained before, but they don't care to what I have to say. Even when the buses come they are always late because the routes are convoluted. It takes hours to get anywhere. The closest commercial area to my house is Park Royal and that is a two hour walk away. There are no small stores and if I want milk, the closest store is in North Vancouver, would you believe. I guess they expect everyone to be so rich, so they can afford a car for every member in the family (think again). Waiting for the buses in the freezing rain or snow is so annoying. If I just had a car, I could jump into my it and drive to Park Royal in a fraction of the time. I wouldn't have to wait for buses anymore and I wouldn't have to stand in the terrible weather waiting for the buses.

In addition I'm getting a job and can't rely on buses to get me there on time. I can't get to work late, or I will get fired. It is reality. I can't rely on a ride because my family is never home. My parents come home at 7pm and they are always tired. Having a car for myself could even benefit my parents. I wouldn't have to ask them for rides anymore and I could also pick up groceries. If I had my own car, I wouldn't have to bother my family about giving me a ride to work. I would never be late and having one would improve my chances of getting a job.

I also need a car because I have friends in different cities. To see my buddies, it takes me three hours to bus to Richmond. When I do get there, the day is half over, then, it takes me another three hours to bus back. In addition, I can only go see my friends on weekends. It's not worth being in Richmond if I spend more time on the bus than seeing them. If I had my car it would only take me forty five minutes to drive to Richmond. I could drive by on the weekdays to see them and spend some time with them.

If I had a car it would solve all my problems in this essay. I wouldn't have to wait in the freezing cold to catch the bus. I would never have to be late for work and I could see my friends in Richmond whenever I want. No more asking my parents for rides, but most of all, I would be free to go and do what I want. All it takes is a car, so this year for Christmas I am asking for a Porsche.

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