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Why televisions should be unplugged

Why Televisions Should Be Unplugged

I believe all the televisions in America should be unplugged, and

we should become a nomadic, goat-herding race- well, maybe not the

part about the goat herding. Anyway, television programming is

corrupting our youths' minds; they are being stupefied and are becoming

virtual vegetables as they are molded by the programs they view to be

lazy, selfish, and to forsake all their moral and ethical values. The so

called "entertainment value" to the shows is what's hurting us; kids mimic

what they see on t.v., which includes violence, murder, rape, etc.

Children's grades drop drastically when tuning in to their favorite

cartoon takes priority over completing their math or other schoolwork. The

effects may also carry over into the next day, when they re-enact their

favorite scene of the previous night's episode of Power Rangers on the

playground, often resulting in the injury of several poor kids. Obviously

such programs are counter-productive to the educational process.

Teen violence is on the rise at an exponential rate. Many teens

watch action movies such as Terminator and its sequel or the Die Hard

trilogy and conjure up bright ideas to go vandalizing or attacking

innocent people. This is especially true when speaking of the gang

situation that is currently plaguing our nation. Before the era of the

television, crime like the kind we now have was virtually non-existent.

Obesity is another indirectly related effect of television on our

bodies for people of all ages. The term "couch potato" adequately suits

people who would rather watch Cindy Crawford tone and firm her buns

than get off theirs. If there's a welt in you favorite spot on the couch that

is a perfect outline of your backside, it's a good indicator that you need

to get out and do something.

An awkward issue I want to discuss deals with programs with adult

content and their accessibility to children. They are learning vitally

important issues like the "bird & bees" and other things regarded as taboo

from the "boob tube." That's not the problem, though. The real problem is

that they're not learning it the right way; parents should be the ones to

explain it. This is why we have such a high rate of teen pregnancy,

sexually transmitted diseases, rapes, etc. Television "cheapens" the

meaning of these sacred acts as well.

In conclusion, I believe television is destroying our culture and will

eventually lead to our demise. We are on a collision course with chaos,

and pulling the plug is our only salvation. It's up to you.

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