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Windows 95 skills checklist

Windows 95 Skills Check

Please do each of the following tasks. If you have a question on how to do any of them, do not hesitate to ask your instructor for assistance. This skills check is provided for you to measure how well you can perform the tasks that were covered in class thus far.

1. Start the computer, go into "Safe Mode" in Windows 95.

2. Shut down the computer in the correct manner.

3. Restart your computer and go into normal mode in Windows 95.

4. Open up the Taskbar Properties Sheet and check "Auto Hide."

5. Change the date and the time on your computer to read Jan 1, 2000 and 12:00 P.M.

6. Reset the date and time to the correct settings.

7. Using the Find feature in the Start Button, find the files Command.dos and Config.dos. What directories are they located in?

8. Start any five programs (sol.exe, cal.exe, clock.exe, quicken, etc.).

9. Maximize each of the started programs.

10. Minimize each of the started programs.

11. Restore each program, one at a time, using the Taskbar.

12. Close each program, one at a time, using the Taskbar.

13. Open up the Explorer.

14. Make sure the Toolbar is activated.

15. Change the View: Use all options- large icon, small icon, detail, list, etc.

16. While in the Detail View Mode, order files from any directory from top to bottom first by name, then by date, then by size.

17. Copy any file and place it on the desktop.

18. Make a short cut of any game or accessory file and place it on the desktop.

19. Make a short cut of drive A: and place it on the desktop.

20. Move the Taskbar to the right side, the top, and then return it to it's original position.

21. Open Microsoft Word

22. Minimize, Maximize and Restore Microsoft Word.

23. Close Microsoft Word.

24. Open Explorer.

25. Open up any folder that has more than ten files.

26. Using the mouse, practice selecting one file, random files, and sequential files (control and shift buttons in conjunction with the mouse).

27. Close Explorer.

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