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Windows revealed

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Why Is the Internet So Popular?

How Can I Connect to the Internet?


Online Services--Where You Can Get MSIE.exe


Why is the Internet So Popular?


The Internet is a rich source of online information, covering almost

any topic you can imagine. When you are connected to the Internet, you can:

- Exchange messages with people all over the world.

- Get the latest news, weather, sports, and entertainment information.

- Download software, including games, pictures, and programs.

- Join discussion groups, such as bulletin boards and newsgroups.


How Can I Connect to the Internet?


-- If you do not currently have an Internet account, sign up for The

Microsoft Network (MSN) by double-clicking the MSN icon on your desktop

and then following the instructions. The Microsoft Network includes access

to the Internet as part of its service.

-- If you have an account with an online service (see list below),

or use bulletin board services (BBS) regularly, do one of the following:

a) Sign up for The Microsoft Network by double-clicking the

MSN icon on your desktop.

b) Download The Microsoft Internet Explorer files (MSIE.exe) from

your online service (see full list of locations below).

-- If you already have an account with an Internet access provider,

you can download Microsoft's browsing tool, Internet Explorer, from

http:\ Besides being easy to use, Internet Explorer

enables you to create desktop shortcuts to your favorite Web sites.

Try it out!




If you do not see the MSN icon on your desktop, you can install it by

opening Control Panel and then double-clicking the Add/Remove Programs icon.

Then, click the Windows Setup tab.

If you have Microsoft Plus!, you already have Internet Explorer.


Online Services--Where You Can Get MSIE.exe


On the Internet


On the World Wide Web

On The Microsoft Network

From Main Menu: Categories\Computers and Software\Software\

Microsoft\Windows 95

On CompuServe


On Prodigy


On America Online

Use keyword WINNEWS

On GEnie


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