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X internet39



w What is the internet?

w Why you should have it?

w I have it


w Who sells the internet?

w Equipment that's is needed?

w Legal/illegal implications?

w Accessibility- which browser?

w Material

w Protection

w Upload/download


w Advantages?

w What can it do for you?

w New world


The internet is a service that is available on computer to subscribers. The

internet opens up a whole new world of communication, information and

entertainment. having access to the internet has given me a chance to explore a

totally new dimension in technology. I believe that any body who has access to the

internet will benefit greatly from this experience.

The internet service is marketed by various companies which are on the

increase on a daily basis. These companies basically offer the same package but

differ in the amounts they charge for membership. In my opinion a good company

to subscribe to is one that offers a flat rate.

In order to access the internet you require a good computer and a powerful

modem . If you have these it is much easier and faster to "Surf the Net". I would

recommend a 28.8 kbs modem manufactured by U.S Robotics.

The Internet can give you access to both legal & illegal sites on the net.

There is pirated software e.g. full version of games that you can access without

actually paying for them.

The internet can only be accessed with a browser. There are a few web

browsers but two main ones are Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

As I mentioned earlier, the internet allows everyone to access various

topics of interests on the web. The choices ranges from recreational, education,

hobbies, communications and entertainment.

There is always a risk of accessing material which are not appropriate e.g.

pornographic material and racist material which are all available to anyone who

wishes to view them. However, there is a way of protecting children who

should not be viewing such material. There is software like the Internet Nanny ,

Adult lock & Firewall which once installed will protect children from viewing.

One of the disadvantages is that while downloading files from the internet

there is a possibility of downloading a virus into your system. In order to prevent

this from happening I suggest you only download from trustworthy and reliable

sites. Uploading files is basically giving a file to someone else.

The internet is a very powerful tool to have if used in the right way. From

the comfort of your own home you can surf the net and find the power that lies

within the web. I would recommend that if possible everyone should at some time

or the other have access to the internet.


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