Cost of Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

The 1970s and mid 1980s saw the exceptional development and advancement of healthcare administrations in Saudi Arabia. Improvements that took many years to happen in different nations took just 20 years to achieve in Saudi Arabia. In 1926, Saudi Arabia under its visionary pioneer, King Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud (1880-1953), issued a Decree building up a ‘Health Department’ (Mufti, 2000: 3). It resulted in the rise of composed health care services framework in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Doctor’s facilities and centers were set up in major urban focuses in which the recently settled Health Department was tasked to regulate these medicinal services offices (Fahd Mohammed Albejaidi, 2010).
Later on, a choice was made in which the Health Department, which later turned into the General Directorate for Health and Aid (GDHA), was appended to the Attorney’s Bureau General. A Health Council, headed by the Attorney General, was set up to raise the measures of health care services administrations and control illnesses in Saudi Arabia (Mufti, 2000:3). The complete change of the Saudi Arabia’s health part in the genuine feeling of the word initiated in 1954 with the Ministry’s foundation of Health (AlMazrou, Khoja and Rao, 1995).
The Ministry of Health is in charge of the general supervision of the health care services offices, both in people in general and private areas. With the increment in income got from offers of unrefined petroleum, the Saudi government organized the nation’s initial five-year National Development Plan in 1970 to advance improvement in various regions, including social insurance. Amid this period furthermore under progressive National Development Plans, the Saudi social insurance framework saw a complete change, for the administration had the capacity build up the fundamental foundation of essential human services, doctor’s facilities and examination offices (Fahd Mohammed Albejaidi, 2010).
Despite the fact that the nation depends on the administrations of exiles restorative faculty to work in these extended health offices, it has put intensely in HR improvement through the procurement of grant chances to Saudis to seek after vocations in the medicinal field (Jannadi et al, 2008: 48).Saudi Arabia has a homogeneous populace in that the general population offer normal etymological, religious and social qualities (AlFarsy, 1990:199-200). The Saudi populace, as per the nation’s Central Department of Statistics (2003), was 16.9 million in 1999 however this figure took off to around 22.67 million in 2003 and, as indicated by the Department current information, the Saudi populace is 27.1 million in 2010 (Fahd Mohammed Albejaidi, 2010).
The population level has anticipated to reach at 36 million in 2020 (Schieber, 2001). The populace, overwhelmingly described by a substantial accomplice of youth, is in no time made out of 49.1% female and 50.9% male ( The purpose behind this demographic structure can be found in the vicinity of countless male nonnatives working in the nation. Somewhere around 1998 and 2008 the normal yearly populace development rate was 2.5% (WHO, 2010), and this was because of a reduction in death rate and a high ripeness rate. Country urban movement has been a characterizing element of the Saudi populace as there is currently a noteworthy populace fixation in the significant urban areas, for example, the cities like Dhahran, Jeddah. , Medinah and Riyadh.
The capital city of Riyadh has its population around 6.25 million in 2009 ( as expressed before, Saudi Arabia is an asset rich nation (due to oil specifically). It has the biggest stores of oil all inclusive and records for 25% of the world’s aggregate oil supply. This makes the nation a noteworthy player in the global oil business sector and a regarded individual from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) (Fahd Mohammed Albejaidi, 2010).
The wonderful execution of the Saudi economy, particularly somewhere around 1960 and 1980, showcased the nation to the world as a conceivable model of financial achievement. This solid monetary profile affected emphatically on and expanded the ways of life of the general population of Saudi Arabia (Looney, 1982: 69). Tragically, in the 1980s, the legislature experienced deficiency in its financial plan because of the fall in oil costs at the global oil market, however the circumstance was improved in the 1990s (Fahd Mohammed Albejaidi, 2010).
The Saudi powers have been extremely aware of the nation’s condition economy as Riyadh, through its Ministry of Economy and Planning, has put set up a progression of a five-year National Development Plans subsequent to 1970, which set the financial objectives for the nation. Through these National Development Plans, Saudi Arabia has possessed the capacity to, for instance, empower private monetary exercises, expand occupations, increment per capita wage, diminish neediness (Fahd Mohammed Albejaidi, 2010).
The mechanical area is supporting the Saudi economy as it makes more than 51% of the GDP. The administration and horticulture segments represent 43% and 5% of the economy separately (WHO, 2006: 15). The positive government arrangements have empowered Saudi Arabia to join the top’s positions 25 nations on the planet, as far as simplicity of working together (World Bank, 2008). The nation is additionally an individual from the Group of 20 (or G-20); a gathering of created and emerging market nations.

Fahd Mohammed Albejaidi. (2010). Healthcare System in Saudi Arabia: An Analysis of Structure, Total Quality Management and Future Challenges . Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences ( 2010) Vol 2, No 2, , 794-818.

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