Essay: Steps for processing fixed tissue sections on a tissue processor


This procedure shows the steps to be used for processing fixed tissue sections on a tissue processor.


2.1. This procedure applies to all students, staff and researchers using the facility who process fixed tissue in order to embed such tissues into tissue blocks.

2.2. It also applied to any fixed tissue section which needs to be processed into paraffin blocks into tissue blocks.


3.1. It is the responsibility of students, staff and researchers to ensure they receive a proper hands-on training by staff of the facility before preforming the procedure on their own.

3.2. It is also their responsibility to perform the procedures that are stated when preforming the processes of fixed tissue.

3.3. It is the responsibility of user to report any damage or malfunction of this equipment to the emergency person listed. A note stating ones name, date is required to be left on the equipment which has the damage.


‘ Tissue Processor Leica TP1020 (property of FMUL)
‘ Sample basket
‘ Plastic cassettes
‘ Dissection kit
‘ Protective personal equipment
‘ Reagents include:
‘ 4% Formaldehyde 4% pH6,9
‘ 70%, 96%, and 100% ethanol
‘ Xylene
‘ Paraffin


‘ The time spent with the processor open must be kept to a minimum, due to the release of toxic fumes from the reagents.
‘ The use of gloves is mandatory.
‘ The processor is permanently ON, and some of the reagents are at 70??C.
‘ The equipment doors and lid must be closed at all times when not operating the processor.


6.1 Preparation of specimen

‘ Specimen should be brought to the laboratory in 70% alcohol and in cassettes which have been labelled in pencil. Labelling ensure that specimen is identified the following day.
‘ Each container of cassettes is drained of alcohol through a sieve into the alcohol discard container.
‘ During the day of processing, cassettes are counted and placed in specimen a basket which is in the container of 70% alcohol. The cassettes are held in the container until the processing machine is started at the end of the day.
‘ Number of cassettes counted, the date of processing and initials of staff preforming the task are recorded in a log book.

6.2 Starting Automated Tissue Processor

‘ At the end of the day cassettes in specimen basket are taken out of the 70% alcohol to be placed in the processor
‘ Power switch is turned on and the precursor is opened in the front.

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