This project report is on business application of computers, exists as result of joint efforts put in the three of us, namely: Muhammad Atif Niaz, Suleaman Shahab and Ahsan Ali Siddiqui. As obvious, we are the students of 2nd semester, in Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology. At a personal level, the three of us have a knack of reporting. We think it's something that brings the best of us. It's sort of platform for us to express ourselves. We imagine it's not easily achievable task by some guy-next-door. We seem it is essential that reports be creative, artistic, a little colorful and something that's totally eye-catching. We believe it takes guts to be hold and daring to break the rules and therefore we tried our hands at this time. Fearing it might appear cocky, I still humbly state, for us sky is no more the limit.


SIR SYED UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY has been sponsored by the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association of Pakistan, Karachi which is actively engaged in Educational and Cultural Activities since 1948. Established on 8th October, 1993 through a charter granted by the Governor of Sindh with an aim to inculcate Aligarh Spirit based on the principles enunciated by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. The University is represented in the meetings of the Pakistan Engineering Council, university Grants Commission and Government of Pakistan as the Member University.


When this project was assigned we got happy to meet with external environment for which we are preparing for. There was an excitement in all of us because we were on the way to know how all this will be implemented practically which we studying and due to this we can analyze our status that where we are standing, how will we work as a professional in future. But beside this there was a lot of hesitation to meet professional with our little knowledge but when we are supported by concerned professional the hesitation goes off and that experience was becoming charming and attractive. We all were very impressed by the environment of the company , it was relaxing and impressive.


Information is basic resource in today's society. We are living in an information society whose economy is heavily dependent on creation, management and distribution of information resources. That's why organization rely on information system to provide many types of information necessary for their efficient operations and effective management.

To practically observe the importance and role of information system and to recognize the information system functions in any organizations was the main objective of this project. Hence, this assignment is titled as “System Study Project”


The system study project is beneficial at many dimension i.e., at student, organization and university's end.


At students end the project provide the following benefits:

  • Practically observe the role and working of information systemin a firm or organization that is practical approach.
  • Develop impersonal skills in a student
  • Develop system approach to solve the business problems
  • Create an awareness of the work environment in an organization.


The project is not only beneficial for students but also for the organization because it helps in :

  • Analyzing the organization information system critically.
  • Identifying the potential problems of the organization information system.
  • Proposing alternating solution of the problem identified.
  • Documentation of existing system.
  • Proposing best IT solution.


For these sorts of projects students visit different organization with identity of the University therefore. It is also advantageous at university's end.

  • IT introduces university in markets.
  • Students will mannered attitude reflects the atmosphere of the university .
  • Represents educational standards and importance of practical approach of theoretical concepts.
  • University's performance in inter-University competition produce a good imoact of the university.
  • Carrying out of the research work.


We choose “VECTRACOM” for making an in-depth study

Report on the information Technology Department of the Organization is that it every beneficial for us in many senses.

As we are well aware of this fact that VECTRACOM is playing a role of Backbone in the Telecom industry of Pakistan. So studying such a prestigious organization is an honor for us.

It is golden chance for us to gain experience in Business field by the detailed study of VectraCom, as It is playing a vital role in Telecom field.


System study project was done properly by implementing the System's approach of problem solving.


Student approach can be defined as “It is a systematic problem solving process”.

A system solution methodology based on the system approach can be used to help, Analyze and develop information System Solution to business problems.

Managerial End-Users and system analyst use system approach to help them to develop information system solution methodology of the scientific method, which has long been used by scientists and scholars.


We applied system approach while studying the information system on “VectraCom”. We divided the system studying task into different stages according to systems approach and system development life cycle. The descriptions of tasks performed in stages are as follows:



The tasks performed during this stage were:

  • Collection of existing documents.
  • Gathering departmental hierarchal information.
  • Personally observe the flow of data organization.
  • Determination of Organization Resources.
  • Study the structure of various information system and their inter relationship.



  • Meeting with head of IT department.
  • Meeting with head of finance department.

This stage was of analysis of the departmental systems. In analysis we did detailed study of the existing system and determined the requirement of the systems keeping in mind the constraints, goals and objectives of Organization.



Designing is the stage in which we develop specification for hardware, software, people and information resources (system component matrix) and design the data flow diagram.


Visit to VectraCom were scheduled to properly and gradually perform the task to be accomplished. For this purpose we divided our work into subtasks and then according to these subtasks and we scheduled our visits. The Organization was told that we would visit once visit in a week that's Wednesday. We took appointment of the concerned personnel, which provide ease in performing the tasks.

The whole project was divided into following subtasks:

  • To study the existing system.
  • Study organizational hierarchy.
  • Study and observe the organizational working.
  • Observe the data is collected and processed.
  • Interview with the head of concerned departments.
  • Analysis.
  • Design.


Since VectraCom is an organization purely based on Information Technology so making a detailed report is not so easy so we categorized our work in small tasks as follows

  • Organization background
  • We searched for background of Organization.
  • Identification of Benefits
  • We identified what Benefits we get if we choose a particular organization.
  • Assemblage of Resources
  • We gathered all the possible helpful resources especially from the Internet.
  • System approach and Implementation
  • System approach we adopted is consisted of two phases in the first phase we gathered all the resources and in second phase we made ourselves materials we needed.
  • Preparation of Questionnaire
  • We prepared questionnaires in which we tried to cover all aspects of the IT department and other related information.

Visit of VectraCom

We visited Information Technology department of VectraCom on Sept 14th 2009. Information gathered by the visit

We gathered lots of information through Miss Naila Asalm,

Mr.Asim zafar, Mr.Atiq-ur-rehman, Mr.Shahrukh Ali, Mr.Syed Abdul Ali Rizvi.

Creation of carrts and diagrams

We created different charts and diagrams which will help the reader in many ways.

Compilation and completion of report

In the last we compiled it and gave the final touch in order to present it more efficiently


VectraCom today is considered as one of the leading Mobile information provider in the region; testimonial to this was witnessed by the selection of Siemens in favor of VectraCom as their preferred WAP partner in the Middle East. On an International level VectraCom has gained the respect of many of the major GSM service providers like Etisalat, Sabafon etc.

At the same time, however, the convergence of mobile communications and mobile computing, multimedia and the Internet, is creating new market opportunities. Mobile operators have compelling reasons for seizing the opportunity provided by this convergence to provide value-added services to increase the average revenue per user.

VectraCom's VAS empowers Operators and other businesses, enabling them to build branded services tailored to the needs of their customers with lightning speed.



An Information System is a set of people, procedures and resources that collect transforms and disseminate information in an organization .Today's end user rely on main types of information systems (IS). They might include simple manual (paper and pencil) information systems and informal (word of mouth) information systems .How ever, in this report, we have discussed and researched upon Computer based information systems that uses hardware, software, telecommunications, ad other forms of information Technology (IT) to transform data resources into a variety of information product.

Technically speaking, the people involved in this view of the Information System are called IS specialists who are professionals who develop, implement and operate computer based information systems.

As a concluding statement, I'd define the whole thing as:

Information System supports to business operations, managerial decision making, and strategic advantage of business firms and many other organizations.

In doing so, obviously IS specialist is very important but all the efforts they put in to

Create such hi-fi information systems would go in vain if there were no end user.


Keeping VectraCom in view there are as many ways to use Information Systems, as there are business activities to be performed, business problems to be solved and business opportunities to be perused. Being more precise, what is being implied that for Business function of Vectracom includes:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Accounts
  • HR
  • Supply chain
  • MIS
  • Software development
  • BRM


Thefinance departmentof a business takes responsibility for organizing the financial and accountingaffairs including the preparation and presentation of appropriate accounts, and the provision of financial information for managers. The main areas covered by the financial department include:

  1. Book keeping procedures.
  2. Creating abalance sheetandprofitand loss account.
  3. Providingmanagementinformation.
  4. Management of wages.
  5. Raising of finance.


Human resourcesis a term used to refer to how people are managed by organizations. The field has moved from a traditionally administrative function to a strategic one that recognizes the link between talented and engaged people and organizational success

Key functions

  1. Recruitment & Selection
  2. Training and Development (People or Organization)
  3. Promotions/Transfer
  4. Redundancy
  5. Industrial and Employee Relations
  6. Record keeping of all personal data.
  7. Compensation, pensions, bonuses etc in liaison with Payroll
  8. Career development


Information Technology Department in any Organization gives boost to their capabilities

by giving them several resources to other Departments which ease them. This department

Fulfills the following responsibilities:

Providing department's concerned Information System.

Error Detection in any IS.

Hardware resources

So we can say that this Department has its own Standard in any Organization

This Department will discuss in detail later on.




Information technologyis all about allowing for the most effective and competent forms of electronic communication to take place. These communications may come in the form of telephony, such as point to point phone calls or audioconference calls. They may also be provided as video and web conferences, internal communications such as common network drives or server access, and external devices such as electronic mail that is sent through a secure server. Obviously, there has to be someone within the organization that understands how these forms of communication work, and can ensure they remain in proper working order at all times. This is where the concept of an ITdepartmentcomes into play.

Essentially, the ITdepartmentis a collection of persons who are experts when it comes to electronic communications of all kinds. In addition to understanding what forms of electronic data, visual, and audio communication are available, the ITdepartmentwill be able to evaluate available services and determine which services and vendors can provide the best equipment and service support for the company. Along with making determinations about what equipment to use and which vendors to work with, the ITdepartmentwill also oversee the day to day operations of all electronic communication devices within the company.


Our Mission

The Mission of the IT Department is twofold:

  1. to develop and deploy the Grid computing infrastructure for the LHC project, in collaboration with the LHC experiments, and to enable the successful transfer of Grid technology and services to other sciences and industry;
  2. to ensure that all CERN staff and users have access to the IT infrastructure, services and support that they need in order to accomplish their work in an efficient and effective way.


Provide quality, cost effective telecommunication services to all City departments. Provide and maintain effective business applications, which meet our customer's business needs.

Provide and maintain a secure, reliable, and effective Information Technology

Infrastructure. Increase public access to information and City services through the Internet.



This report is a complete implementation of our course study. As we have tried our level best to implement our knowledge, skills and our talent to achieve our target. Aftermath of our visit to this multinational organization we have came to know that how this organization is has made its keen approach to meet the international standards and to compete with others in international market. Its Information technology dept (as it was the area of our keen interest) which automates the system of the organization, communication through satellites, routers and WAN systems. Through these technologies a globally scattered company has been able to come close across the nation and become a single organization and due to its abrupt advancements and methodologies this company is playing vital role in the development and progress of our country.

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