Discuss On Web Usability And Its Influence In Web Development

Web usability- this is the easiness of website use with goals of presentation of information and choices being clear and concise.

Web development- is the work involved in developing web pages for the internet.

The experiential and investigative approaches to Web usability studies reflect the technological milestone associated to Web use in a short time period. Many online articles have been published based on developer experiences, customer feedback, and economic and marketing data regarding Web use. Many of these articles focus on Web usability guidelines from a US perspective in terms of technological, economic, and cultural considerations. When internationalization was addressed, it typically was in terms of language translation, date, time, currency and such formats. (Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 2002)
Today, the World Wide Web is probably the most important interactive medium, according to [Eimeren06OnlineStudy] it is the second most frequently used type of service on the Internet being used by many personas for many different purposes around the globe like searching for information, interacting with other persons via say blogs social sites and the likes (Usability Tool Support for Model-Based
Web Development, Richard Atterer, 2008)

Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web, and that they can contribute to the Web. (W3C-WAI, Introduction)
Because of this some guidelines have been brought about to ensure that web development is to the required specifications for easy web usability by all some of this guidelines I have listed below
1. Provide equivalent to auditory and visual context. 'for the benefit of those impared in any way use attributes that will favour them
2. Do not rely on colour alone. 'information should not be encoded exclusively as colour values as the users may be visually impaired or even using devices with no colour support
3. Use mark-up and style sheet and this is to be done properly-use syntactically correct mark-up. Should use mark up more than visual formatting
4. Ensure that pages with new technologies transform gracefully- pages should still work if an old browser is used or if that browser doesn't support say java-script
5. Use w3c technologies and guidelines- W3C's standards have been designed with accessibility in mind unlike PDFs or Flash.
Influence of web usability on web development
The concept of web usability has a big impact on web development as web developers tend to look more in creating websites that the users are able to use.('Top 10 Best Usability, and UX Books You Should Read | The Brain Lady Blog,' n.d.) this is because poorly constructed web pages tend not ton attract viewers. We find that once someone visits a webpage and is not happy with it, high chances are that they will not come back to that page again. On the other hand, websites with good designs attract many users especially if the designs are associated with ease of use and satisfaction in what the user is looking for.(Darlington, 2005)
Web developers are keen on the actual needs of a user and therefore more websites are created so as to satisfy user demands. Say, there is an increased need to socialize over the internet, so many web developers are venturing in creating social sites.('Getting Started,' 2006)
All this has made the web an intriguing place as many things are done online with no need to be at a particular place to do something in person.

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