Discuss Web Usability And Its Influence

Q1) Discuss web usability and its influence?
Web usability is the ease use of web. The web enables people search for different things and information they need easily unlike having to research from books, journals e.t.c.(Palmer 2002)
Usability-a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use. (Coyne & Nielsen 2001)
Objectives of web usability are:-(Pearson, Pearson & Green 2007)
The displaying/presentation of information
This involves displaying information to the people through the web this occurs when one goes to Google or the journals and try to search certain information.
Choices in a clear and concise way through the , a lack of ambiguity
This involves information that is not correct or relevant and the placement of important items in appropriate areas such as the all what is contained in the document is available at the top most area. It displays the sub headings of all what is in the documentation. The other concern on usability is that the
Website is appropriate for all ages and gender
This means that information available in the website is relevant for all ages despite your age whether young or old. The web can not also be used by people of ant age it does not have age restriction nor does it have gender restriction.(Riva 2002)

Principles of web usability
1. being available and accessible
People should be able to access your website .since if they are not able to do so then your website becomes worthless. More so it should be available anytime people want to access it and be able to access it easily.(Wu et al. 2011)
2. Should be clear
This can be achieved through:-(Nielsen 1994)
' Simple- ensures that you only avail what is important to your customers.
' Familiar- ensures whatever information on your site people are familiar with it.
' Consistent- ensure that the information on your site is consistent i.e. it has a flow.
' Users should provide a feedback ' The moment people interact with your site, make sure to offer an indication of success or failure of their actions.
3. ability to learn
A site should be intuitive. This means that you should ensure your site contains what people know or you create something new that is easy. The site is very clean and easy to navigate. The familiar layout helps people to quickly find what they are looking for.(Riva 2002)
4. A site should be credible
People should be able to trust the site they are trying to get information from. Include a clear 'about us' (these are the details about your site). Since even if people find the information they are looking for and they don't trust your site its worthless.(Lidwell, Holden & Butler 2010)
Avoid mistakes e.g. incorrect spelling, grammar mistakes e.t.c. and make sure you are honest and precise about your content and also provide references for your customers (Riva 2002)
5. Should be relevant
Relevancy of the content people get from your site is very important in web usability. Ensure you define who the users(i.e. if everyone or specific people can access your site) are and find out what are their goals when they access your site.(Anon n.d.)

Influence of web usability
It influences the different sites in many ways such as the way people access contents in the site. such as information content, ease of navigation, download delay, and Web site availability positively influence usability. Web site security and customization were not found to influence usability. Web usability also influences how that content appears i.e. the display and the layout of the content. More so it influences how books look like on a site and how people can be able to download those books.(Tarafdar & Zhang 2005) (van Nimwegen, Pouw & van Oostendorp 1999)
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