Introduction &Back ground

Toshiba is Top 10 Fortune electronic devices manufacture company in the World, based on the 2009 annual income $ 94.88 billion dollars Toshiba operates globally more than 750 companies with 198000 employees worldwide annual sales approximately $73 billion. Toshiba operates primarily in the Asia-pacific, Middle East Europe, South and North America Sectors and Africa. It is famous for Development and manufacture of Digital Goods including Electronic components and peripheral devices of computers and most of the electronic devices and home appliances. Throughout the world Toshiba has Developments and manufacture centers.

Toshiba founded in Japan, it is a multinational organization, Toshiba headquarters in Tokyo capital of Japan. Toshiba's main business is mainly consumer products and Electrical devices and peripheral components and its infrastrures.

Japan's first telegraphs manufacture company Tanaka Engineering works; later on it was changed to Shibaura seisakusho and Japan's first producer of incandescent electric company named Hakunetsuha after that Hakunetsuha changed to Tokyo Denki, these both companies joined together in 1939 and created a new company named Tokyo Shibaura Denki , nicknamed as Toshiba but Officially registered Toshiba Corporation in 1978.

According to 2009 business analytical Toshiba is the World's fifth largest Personal computers and Laptops vendor followed by Hewlett Packard, Dell and Acer and Lenovo. Toshiba Has reputations for semiconductors placed the world Top 20semiconductor Sales Leaders.

For Advanced electronic and electrical products, communications equipment systems, household appliances, electronics materials and power systems, social and industrial systems internet based services and solutions Toshiba is a reputed manufacture

Technological infrastructure

Technological infrastructure systems make cutting edge Information systems to organize systems management and structure that leads to make a reputed organization; Companies are individual people working together in a team. At Toshiba promoting Technological management Group for the worldwide is key factor. This group wide technological management is under the supervisions of the Management officer they provide key instructions and guidance to the head of various in -house companies. There is a Corporate Technological Management Committee is a key decision making body. Normally it is chaired by a Corporate Technological Infrastructure officer with the presence of an Executive officers and With the Technological manger in house and overseas.

Toshiba Corporation fundamental organization management policy is depends on four perceptions.

Understandcontinuousenlargement with elevatedearnings implies: Shift administration guidance supplementary towards enlargement and increase speed proactive management from beginning to end considered distribution of possessions.

Maximize multiplier effect of innovations: Speed up the international competitiveness all the way through development Innovationsandassessment Innovations

Carry outadministration with commercial Social conscientiousness: To ensure problem free and safety, legal disobedience during all production behavior, behave as a "corporate citizen of Earth" in responding in the direction of community and ecological concerns for greener planet.

Widen citizens in the midst of a comprehensive point of view: Speed up a global occurrence by rising well-formed people with a global standpoint, capable to forward innovations in addition embrace assortment and unlike cultures.

Toshiba's Up to now Electronic Competitors Hitachi, Dell, Samsung and Sony, JVC, Thomson SA, Pioneer, Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens, General Electric, Apple Inc, Fabrik, Compaq, Xerox, Hewlett-Packard Apex and STMicroelectronics.

In March 2008 it announced a company in America called Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corporation for advanced boiling water nuclear power plants, Nuclear power plants competitors are Areva, Hitachi, General Electric, Mitsubishi and Alstom, GE, Hitachi are power plants competitors.

For different manufacturing products Toshiba has many in house companies.

For laptop Computing: Laptop Computing United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, Norway.

Digital Computing Group: Digital Media Network Organization, Mobile applications and Communications Organization, Personal Computers and Business Communications organization, other electronic and peripheral Devices, semiconductors Group, Display control and component Devices with Fujistu collaboration Hard Disk Drives with FDE technology (Full Disk Encryption).

Communications System Group: Toshiba power systems Company including Combinations of cycle power and nuclear power and hydro power plants. Electrical and Engineering Equipments industrial system and infrastructure Systems Company.

Toshiba TEC Corporation for Marketing and Trade solutions multi functioning peripheral Devices, RFID products and Barcode Printers, Inkjet head ,auto ID solutions etc.

Technological implications

Since its Established Toshiba adopted to develop new technologies that would benefit human society, some of its outstanding technologies are RADAR, TAC Digital computer Microvean and Transit Television, Japanese word processor MRI Systems and automated rice cooker, world's first automatic mail processing system, worlds first magnetic resonance imaging system, world's first NAND flash memory, world's first full-color high-molecular organic EL display which displays 260,000 colors, world's fastest elevator, Color Video phones, laptop computers Nand Eeprom and DVD, Sub note book Computers and HD DVD.

Toshiba Advantages business is Wireless Communications; the age of Information is filled by Innovations and new trends, collaborations and creative thoughts.Such elements should not be stick to a Desk.Wirelss Communications standard Enable effective communications to go where the works carried out, that keep the connection between networks thought the buildings and across the campuses or anywhere within specified range of Local wireless local network (WLAN).

In November 2002 Toshiba Corporation Announced world's first portable PC with new cutting edge technology features, it has many special features like advanced in build key board ,portable PC LCD that can turn through 90 degrees to 180 Degrees with easily carrying features, it supports all software versions. Toshiba's Portable PC was one of the most technological revolutions. In the same year it launched Multi language speech synthesis middleware it delivers text to speech with a clear voice that support almost up to nine languages, these Multi language speech synthesis middleware using for car navigation systems.

In the year of 2003 First time Toshiba corporations introduced Dynabook v7 Series of Portable PC series that integrate the Intel centrino Mobile technology it is a very user friendly version model with high perform processor. Later on in the same year First time in the technological history it developed first time in the history cell memory technology for the embedded DRAM system. Other outstanding Devices first time introduced by Toshiba was home video entertainment digital and high definition content digital hard disk video HD DVD re recorder with the combination of one terabyte Digital hard disk the main aim of this High definition digital DVD is for crystal clear video quality and digital voice records up to 230 hours. Key features are it supports most of the discs because some discs may not support all manufactures.

In May 2006 Toshiba Corporation announced expanded version of large capacity Mini SD memory cards for mobile phones initial introduction was 2GB memory, it is very smaller than standard SD memory, however it can also adjusted in standard SD memory adapter. In 2007 Toshiba introduced commercialization of two advanced Hard disks offers a storage capacity of 160 GB which is industry largest Storage Capacity. In the same line it has developed 256 gigabyte SSD flash memory. Toshiba raised Competitiveness in image sensor area, they brought manufacturing of CMOS. Toshiba to enhance competitiveness in image sensor business by brining manufacturing of complementary metal oxide semiconductor camera modules for advanced featured mobile phones.


In the year of 1987, Additional company of Toshiba named Toshiba Machine, it was accused on selling illegally CNC model milling machines,these machines for the purpose of producing very calm submarinepropellers to the old Soviet Unionin against the rules and regulations of Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls(CCMEC)agreement during cold war after World war II, This Scandal involved a combination of Toshiba and a Norwegian Company called Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk.These incident caused break down of relationship between Japan and United states of America, that resulted with the arrest and prosecution of couple of Toshiba's senior Executives, apart from that the imposition of Economical sanctionson Toshiba by both countries.United Sates had always trusted that the Soviets union had noisy submarines, so the technology that made by Toshiba and Vaapenfabrikk to Soviet union was biggest security threat to United States according to Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania Toshiba and Vaapenfabrikk made $517 million Ransom the Security.

In 2001, Toshiba signed an agreement withone of the biggest Original Equipment Manufacture Orion Electric which makes Video electronic devices maker and Supplier, to reach the rising Demand for the North America market. The contract finished in 2008.Later in 2004, Toshiba silently announced that it would terminate manufacturing customary domestic CRT televisions, after two years Company discontinued the Domestic plasma televisions, to make sure its future competition in CRT and plasma TV display market controversially Toshiba moved to Orion as the major dealer and manufacturer of Toshiba company Cathode ray tube based televisions and plasma televisions until 2007.

Earlier to World War II, it was one of the member of Mitsui Groupzaibatsu(family-controlledperpendicular monopoly).But Today Toshiba is one of the key member of the Mitsuikeiretsu(a set of companies with interlock commerce associations and shareholdings), and still it has privileged provision with Mitsui Bank and rest of the other members of the keiretsu company. There is a tradition in Keirestu having Membership in a keiretsu is usually predestined faithfulness, for both corporate and private sectors.

In Mid of 2005 Top 100 fortune British Government owned company British nuclear Fuels plc(BNFL)planned to sell in house company Westinghouse Electric Company Estimated worth $1.8bn, This bid concerned interest most of the companies including Toshiba and GE and Mitsubishi and other several companies. Surprisingly beginning of 2006 Toshiba won the bid by quoting $5bn, before the nuclear market expected to grow significantly the bid surprised many companies the wisdom of selling largest nuclear plants. The getting hold of $5.4bn worth Westinghousebid process was completed in end of 2006, with Toshiba obtain a 77% shares rest 20% shares for The Shaw Groupand remaining 3% shares for Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.


Being a Top 5 fortune Electronic and Digital electric device manufacturing company Toshiba has well organized organizational structure, Toshiba follows four ways of Management structure, which is very useful for proper maintaining for long term run of any company, proper Organizational standard management methods made Toshiba Top 5 Fortunate company in the world and it kept down the Major competitors Hewlett Packard, Dell and Acer and Lenovo.. Even though it has some bad reputation in terms of violating international rules and regulations during cold war after World War II, Toshiba crossed those obstacles and came up with Citizen of Global organization. Toshiba also well aware of Global warming and E-wastage which causing biggest threat to human civilization. DVD players, old Computers and Cell phones and other electronic Devices which release Toxics materials in such things Toshiba has proper discard methods.

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