Influence In Web Development

Web usability:-
This refers to the process of making your website in such a way that your site user's can find what they are looking for more quickly and efficiently.
Webusability(Anon n.d.)
Web usability may also refer to how ease is it to use a web site.(Anon 2014)

Influence in web development

The following colors will influence web development:
1. Colors 'colors are a form of communication.The look of your site will obviously be a factor in your visitors' first impressions. The colors of your website can have a huge impact on the overall attractiveness of the site. Choosing the right color combinations can be difficult, but fortunately there are a number of online tools that can help.
2. Load Time ' Most people are very impatient, and slow loading pages will not make them want to return. On the other hand, quick loading pages will encourage visitors to navigate through your site knowing that they won't have to wait very long for each page to load.
3. Error Messages ' Error messages are annoying and if new visitors to your site are getting error messages and are unable to access your site, they're not going to be impressed and they won't be back. There are numerous different errors that can occur.
4. Logo/Branding ' One of the most important factor isLogo/Branding. Most importantly, the logo should help to brand your business in the way that you want visitors and customers to think of you.

5. Accessibility ' Accessibility is a big buzzword in web design. The reality is that not all of your visitors will fall into the mould of the average visitor. Some will have handicaps, some will use older browsers, some will have slower connections, etc. If your website is not accessible to a visitor it's almost guaranteed to create a bad impression.
6. Quality of Images and Photos ' A high-quality photo or graphic can havemuch impact on a design . Fortunately, there are plenty of resources online for getting high-quality, low-cost photos, and some are even free.
7. Unprofessional Items ' Some items like low-quality animated GIFs and hit counters can give a negative first impression. Generally anything that makes your site look like it was designed a long time e.g. a decade ago should be avoided.
8. Clarity of Purpose ' The purpose of a websiteshould be quickly determined by new visitors. Many sites effectively incorporate this into their branding by using a descriptive tag line that sums up the site's purpose. About us pages are also helpful for communicating purpose.

9. Ease of Navigation ' We've probably all been at websites that looked like they had great content that we wanted to read, but just couldn't find what we wanted. I'm not sure if there is anything more frustrating on a website than poor navigation. On the other hand, well-constructed navigation can help visitors to have a very positive experience on the site
10. Advertisements ' One of the easiest ways to make a bad first impression is to have a website that is full of advertisements. Most of today's internet users have come to expect advertisements to be present on most websites, but too many ads, the wrong type of ads, and poor ad placement can be a big turn off for visitors
As a general rule you should avoid placing ads in places that will interfere with visitors being able to read your content, unless the goal of your site is to make money through ad clicks. Animated ads are also a touchy subject as they can also easily distract and annoy readers.
11. Tone ' In addition to the actual content, the tone of the content can also have an impact on first impressions. I've been on a few blogs that have strong content, but an unnecessarily negative tone by the blogger created a poor first impression.
12. Number of Comments and Trackbacks ' New visitors to blogs will often notice the number of comments on posts. A lot of comments and trackbacks show that other readers are involved, and it indicates that this is likely a valuable resource. On the other hand, seeing no comments often causes the visitor to wonder how many other people are reading.
13. Quality of Content ' Of course quality content cannot be left off this list. While content may not have an instant impact like some of the factors that relate to the design of the site, it will have a significant impact on visitors that stick around for a minute or so. This is a big factor especially for blogs. A first-time visitor that finds really great content will remember their visit in a positive light.

Also the following should be considered
' The design of your website is going to make a much bigger impact than you realize. While the conscious elements like layout, content, and usability will matter, there are also subconscious ways that your audience can be affected by your website design.
' The words on your site (your content) are also going to be an element of your design that affects people. What people read is going to affect their emotions, even if it is only on a subconscious level. The content that you create needs to provide people with the opportunity to experience positive emotions, relate to your company, and understand where you are coming from or what you have to offer(use simple words and informal tone that is engaging and appealing to your audience)
' simple elements like the right alignment in your design and the use of white space can influence the subconscious of your audience. If things are properly aligned, they look cleaner, more professional, and more visually appealing. At the same time, using white space draws people's attention to the content that is on your site, and subconsciously makes people feel like they are not being overwhelmed with information.

Influence in web development
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