Information Technology And The Role It Plays In Business

'It is the twenty first century and it is embracing itself with Information and Communication Technology as one of the driving forces behind the accelerator of businesses and enterprises growth around the world . . Information Technology is defined as any technology that support the activities , involving the creation , storage, manipulation and communication of information and together with methods, management and application . Information and Communication Technology is the important fundamental ingredient for globalization.'
For this report I am required to research the strategic importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and discuss what role it plays in any given business. I must also investigate how Information Communication Technology (ICT) supports enables businesses as well as how it impacts the Businesses.

What is ICT (Information and Communication Technology) ?
ICT is the abbreviation for Information and Communication Technologies. Information and Communication Technologies is the learning area of the developing and the usage of the modern technology to aid the with communication and the processing of information. Information and Communication
'Technology can refer to all the telecommunication broadcasting media , intelligent building management system audio visual processing with transmissions systems including network based control and monitoring functions'. (Janssen)
'Information and Communications Technology can also be referred to as the usage of the communication lines to carry out the diverse data and communication types and format.' (Janssen).
The impact or the influence of Information and Communication Technology on a Business
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has turned into a stratekey technology of the past years. The fast transition of the Internet, and the mobile phone and the broadband networks these technologies demonstrate how pervasive the technology have become .
The impact of Information and Communication Technology can have an aggregated level for the economics of Small Medium Enterprises. The Small Medium Enterprises 's capital is invested in Information Communication Technology it is deepening and it is very important for the economic growth of the enterprises. The Enterprises must be establish their infrastructure for their Information and Communication
The business capital invesmrnt is deepening and it is very important for economical growth of the business. Businesses like must establich their infrastructure for the use of ICT or ICT networks this then will provide the businesses with the productive equipment and software needed to gain competitive advantage.
The first economical impact that ICT has on a business is that in the progress of computers for example the releasing of increasingly powerful microchips and computer chips, that will be projected to continue every in the future this also means the same for commnunication technologiy that this will be projected to the changes in the near future,these changes will allow the reproducing of the same technology over and over and will later on be confronted with Competitive Advantage.
The second notasible economical impact of Information Technology is the link that is producing in the business sector to produce all of Information and Communication Technologies' goods and services. For having Information Communication Technology in a Small, Medium Enterprise is vey important for the growth of the Small, Medium Enterprise. Information and Communication Techenologies good and services in the everyday life include email, e-commerce, online banking, e-government, online shopping, e-learning.

"The Role Information and Communication Technology plays in the business
'These Information and Communication Technology (ICT) risk governance focus areas describes the topics that executive management needs to address to govern ICT within their enterprises whether large or small organisation.Operational management uses processes to organise and manage ongoing IT activities.'

The Risks of Information and Communication in a business


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