Internet Security is an important task in the human life. Now a day's more people depend on the internet to complete their needs of work in an easiest way. There are lot of users in this sector. If we check the records of usage of internet total users in 2009 is 1,802,330,457. Compare to other places Asia is in first place and Europe is in second place. In general there is more usage in a common platform, some people try to hack the information of the users and they misuse through the information what they received. While we are thinking to solve a problem in our research area we are trying to find a better way to clear this problem as the most. That is the reason we choose this topic Internet Security and solutions. In our idea “Research is good and useful to the people that is the time we hopefully feel good”, its reach to everyone. That is the time only the researches are really gets the clean percentage of success. In that aim we find all the ways risks and solutions.

Keywords: Internet Security, Internet Awareness and Hacking


The users seek, the Internet safety now a day's more than ever. The internet growth rate is very high compare to the 2000 and 2009 years the growth rate is nearer than 400%. It is very huge growth in the world. At the same time rate of victims also very huge compare to old records. Solves the problems we are trying to aware the people with our research direction. Everyone in their life they depend up on the internet and also they are using the transactions of their accounts and shopping, order or done by the internet. This is a big and ongoing topic of the users how to escape from the risk. What are the dangerous? Problems we are facing, we mentioned below.

The History of Internet Security

The history of internet security began in the year of 1988 when Peter Yee of NASA discovered the Morris Worm. Little did Yee know many more worms and viruses would be discovered. Among these were Solar Sunrise, Melissa and mass distribution of denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Solar Sunrise spanned from February 1 to February 26, 1998. The center of these DoS attacks was vulnerability within the dll files within the computer system's operating system. The hacker in question rooted through the computer system until he/she found the vulnerability. They were teenagers both from California and Israel. In general this is today how identity thieves find your information and use it to their benefit.

Melissa, a macro virus spawned the age of virus infection due to opening attachments sent through email servers. The victim would open their email and then download the document onto their hard drive. The macro would then infect the computer system, gather information and send it back to its originator. The infection would spread to other computer systems basically by taking over the email address services for those infected. The virus would also gather the email addresses within contact files in order to send the virus macro to another computer to further the infection.

The Importance of Internet Security

The important lesson to take away from these attacks is throughout the years new vulnerabilities are discovered. Through research and analysis of these vulnerabilities, software engineers have created new techniques to protect the networks. The assumption that anti-virus software is the only method of protection is the bain of internet security. While anti-virus protection aids in security, it is only one piece to the overall puzzle.

In analyzing these known viruses and worms, engineers have learned different methods for the worms and viruses to gain access. These methods include the use of well-known ports, the use of common IP addressing schemes and not establishing a proper security system.

Your network design will include several different IP addresses. For one computer system, you have the following: IP address for the computer's network connection, IP address for each web browser, and IP addresses to connect to each peripheral connected to that computer. A proper IP addressing scheme will aid you in the process of keeping your computer safe.

Internet Security Protection

When deciding how to protect your computer system, you may take your time in choosing the right anti-virus protection. It is also important to choose also the right internet security software program. Setting up your anti-virus protection and your firewalls are not enough to keep you safe. So shop around for differentinternetsecuritysoftwareprograms. Most of these programs offer free trials in order to aid you in your decision.


While the discussions we try to find the problems gathering the information from the other members and also find additional information from the internet. You just see the problems what we gather from the friends and also the internet.

1. Use a firewall

We strongly recommend that the usage of firewall product for Internet security- a network appliance and a personal firewall software package. Intruders are scanning regularly and using the home users system for known vulnerabilities. Network firewalls (whether software or hardware-based) can give some degree of protection against of these attacks.

2. Never open unknown email attachments

When opening any email attachments, before that you know the attachment of the source. When you know the mail generated from an address, it is not enough to recognize. The Melissa virus spread throughout the network because it generated from a similar address. This code definitely spread across the programs. When you open the mail of an attachment, at that time you can verify the source.

  • save the file to hard disk
  • scan the file by using antivirus software
  • open the file

When you are going to open a file, to give an additional security you just disconnect or lock the system.

If you follow these steps, it will reduce any kind of code contained in the attachment would spread from your computer to another computer.

3. Don't run programs of unknown origin

If you want to run the programme before that the main person or company that you believe. Do not send programs of unknown places to your friends and you employees, simply because of them- it must contain a major program. These programs mainly effected Internet Security.

4. Hidden filenames extension

The operating systems have an option of “Hide file extensions for known file types". By default it has enabled. After disabling this option, there will some file extensions still by default. It will continue remain it put unvisible. There is a registry value which will cause Windows to hide certain file extensions regardless of user configuration. The "NeverShowExt" registry value is used to hide the extensions for basic Windows file types.

5. Put off System or disconnect from the internet when not in use

When you are not using the computer simply put off the computer or disconnect its Network interface card (NIC). Because of unknown persons cannot enter the network if we put off the computer, otherwise you can disconnect the network completely.

6. Disable scripting features in email programs

Most of the email programs use the same code for the web browsers because to display the contents of the page, are that affect with java , ActiveX and JavaScript are rarely belongs to emailed as well as internet pages. Therefore, in addition we can disable scripting features in web browsers; we recommend that users also disable these features in their email programs. It is important to Internet security.

7. Place a boot disk to avoid your computer is damaged

To recovering a data from the security threats, hard disk failure, create a boot disk on a floppy disk which will help you when recovering a computer, after that an event had occurred. However, when you have a security threat you must create this boot disk.

8. Consult your system support personnel if you work from home

If you use the broadband connection to access the employer's network via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), your employer may have policies or procedures relating to the security of your home network. Make sure to consult with your employer's support personnel, as appropriate, before following any of the steps outlined in this document.

Types of Problems

While using the internet we face different types of the problem. Everyone is typical and also it is very hard to escape. In the below we mention the way of threats from the hackers and types we mentioned here in my research.

Problems: Adult victims of predators, Charity scams, Child exploitation, Cyber stalking, Financial theft (credit card info), Get rich quick scams, Hackers, Identity theft, spy ware intrusions, Unwelcome pornography at every corner and virus exploits.

The above all are different types of dangerous functions in the internet. While some one may be new to the internet and some of them is experienced, but there are different types of threats while in your usage. We explain the all of the above in detail.

Tables and Figures

We observed the statistics of the data in year 2009 and also compare the in the year 2000 the usage is very huge. But the same time we plan to escape from security issues we need to improve a separate and special security task to escape from these things. In the below all tables we mention the world wide report. The first table explain the usage in the world and also explain the statistics of the regional wise like Africa, Asia, Europe and America, Australia.

Table 1: Worldwide Internet Usage and Statistics.


World Regions

Population (2009 Est.)

Internet Users Dec. 31, 2000

InternetUsers Latest Data

Penetration (% Population)

Growth 2000-2009

Users % of Table





8.7 %

1,809.8 %

4.8 %





20.1 %

568.8 %

42.4 %





53.0 %

305.1 %

23.6 %

Middle East




28.8 %

1,675.1 %

3.2 %

North America




76.2 %

140.1 %

14.4 %

Latin America/Caribbean




31.9 %

934.5 %

10.4 %

Oceania / Australia




60.8 %

177.0 %

1.2 %





26.6 %

399.3 %

100.0 %

If we observe the above table we get an idea how many of users in the entire world. How much it is important and also finds the desire of me. How many people are enjoying these services, but really it is very good to make a good and sufficient to the world. More than 25% of the people are using the services. It is deeply enter in to the all peoples home and also their duties.

The figure shows total report of the internet users in the world by the geographic reasons wise. In Asia more than 76.4 million people are using the internet. The Asia and Europe is occupying more than 50% of the rest.

Compare to the other regions in the world the Asia is in first place and also Europe is in second place in the total usage. When compare to the percentage of the people in the location wise North America is in First place with 76.5%and more half of the people in the Australia are using the net. But Europe more than 50% of the people are also using. It means every two members One is using the internet of the world.


In our research area we are trying to give some solutions and ideas to clear all the problems. In problem wise in the first problem the parents are take care about their children's and also give guidance to them when they are using the net. In the second charity scams please try to refer and completely the check the sites before send the money to the other parties. This type of frauds heavily appeared in USA. Child exploitation means place the photos of the child and ask the donations with the kind the people.

Cyber Stalking means in the companies and the chat rooms they may monitor and observe your personal data and hack by the people. While using the internet the people they may respond the duplicate emails and they send like a bank statement ask him to enter the pin like that, after you enter the details they hack and use your cards and draw the money. Be careful no bank they may not ask the pin and personal number. Get rich quick scams means some they offer maximum money if you invest small amount of money like one type of fraud, the people may attract this type of offer and they send money after that they don't receive the message. After you receive the message please try to avoid the message please try to avoid the message and think it how it is possible to pay you for biggest amount.

Hacker means they try to trap the database and stole the database data. Identify the theft is a best way to avoid or delete the error. Virus exploits means some sites are dangerous. If the user opens some sites automatically system effected from the virus. Don't open the unknown sites avoid this problems.

We suggested to the users please try to install the internet security software and also avoid the unknown sites. Best way while you are using the internet gateway to pay the amount please adds your mobile number for receiving the codes to avoid problems. And also if you receive the new messages to your email please try to think over and do not provide any personal detail like credit card or debit card numbers and password of your accounts.

The present technologies are not enough to rectify all the areas. Research may improve and find the best ways of solutions to avoid all critical issues in the internet. Every transaction of the user through the credit and debit are link up their mobile numbers may be leading the problems. For hacking the data of the users they may improve the software recognized the user thumb impression and also eyries to avoid unknown users to hack the database.

These all are the best ways to avoid the data in the particular sector. I would like to say all the clients there is no project reach 100% success. Every time we have to improve the technology and rectify every time.


In order to make any work in the internet, we are deeply engaged with the site before opened.The Internet has brought maximum modifications and also good facilities useful way to the business people and solution in the line to the students and all type of the people and also, government authorities and so on. It has opened up opportunities that would be unbelievable without this technology, and it is a new way to think and find different businesses in the line and also gathering friends in world.

With these benefits come risks. A biggest problem for anyone doing business through the, or also use for a small work to communicate, is very perfect. The 'net has ways of out the official records of a company to the world that cannot be happened with communication. Maximum work has been carried out from maximum the years to get success in the companies secure against common attacks such as problem with internal networks, stolen or misuse of secret data, and outright the data fraud. Because of the all uses net is important before open the sites please refer the instructions and also types of dangers.

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