Internet Security is a main important in a common man life in my idea of knowledge. Now a day's more people depend on the internet to complete their needs of work in an easiest way. There are lot of users in this sector. If we check the records of usage of internet total users in 2009 is 1,802,330,457. Compare to other places Asia is in first place and Europe is in second place. In general there is more usage in a common platform, some people try to hack the information of the users and they misuse through the information what they received. While I am thinking to solve a problem in my research area i am try to find a better way to clear this problem as the most. That is the reason we choose this topic Internet Security and solutions. In my idea “Research is good and useful to the people that is the time we hopefully feel good”, and its reach to everyone. That is the time only the researches are really gets the clean percentage of success. In that aim we find all the ways risks and solutions.


  1. The main theme of this article is awareness of the internet users
  2. Give a right direction while they are using the net.
  3. Explain the ways of hacking.
  4. Find better solutions to avoid all these problems.
  5. Give the entire report of the internet users.


The users seek the Internet safety now a day's more than ever. The internet growth rate is very very high compare to the 2000 and 2009 year the growth rate is nearer than 400%. It is very huge growth in the world. At the same time rate of victims also very huge compare to old records. Solving the problems we try to aware the people with my research direction. Everyone in their life they depend up on the internet and also try use the transactions of their accounts and shopping, order or done by the internet. This is a big and ongoing topic of the users how to escape from the risk. What are the dangerous

Types of Problems

While using the internet we face different types of the problem. Every one is typical and also it is very hard to escape. In the below we mention the way of threats from the hackers and types we mentioned here in my research.

  • Adult victims of predators.
  • Charity scams.
  • Child exploitation
  • Cyber stalking.
  • Financial theft (credit card info)
  • Get rich quick scams.
  • Hackers.
  • Identity theft.
  • Spy ware intrusions.
  • Unwelcome Pornography at every corner.
  • Virus exploits.

The above all are different types of dangerous functions in the internet. While some one may be new to the internet and some of them is experienced, but there are different types of threats while in your usage. We explain the all of the above in detail.

Tables and Figures: If we observe the statistics of the data in year 2009 and also compare the in the year 2000 the usage is very very huge. But the same time we plan to escape from security issues we need to improve a separate and special security task to escape from these things. In the below all tables we mention the world wide report. The first table explain the usage in the world and also explain the statistics of the regional wise like Africa, Asia, Europe and America, Australia.

Table 1 - Worldwide internet Usage and Statistics.


World Regions


( 2009 Est.)

Internet Users

Dec. 31, 2000

Internet Users

Latest Data


(% Population)



Users %

of Table





8.7 %

1,809.8 %

4.8 %





20.1 %

568.8 %

42.4 %





53.0 %

305.1 %

23.6 %

Middle East




28.8 %

1,675.1 %

3.2 %

North America




76.2 %

140.1 %

14.4 %

Latin America/Caribbean




31.9 %

934.5 %

10.4 %

Oceania / Australia




60.8 %

177.0 %

1.2 %





26.6 %

399.3 %

100.0 %

If we observe the above table we get an idea how much the users in the entire world. How much it is important and also find the desire of me. How many people are enjoying these services, But really it is very good to make a good and sufficient to the world. More then 25% of the people are using the services. It is deeply enter in to the all peoples home and also their duties.

The below figure shows the entire report of the internet users in the world by the geographic reasons wise. In Asia more than 76.4 million people are using the internet. Asia is in first place of internet usage and Europe having more than 42.5 million users and also placed with second rank. America and Africa are placed with four and fifth rank. Middle east and Australia placed with last two ranks respectively. The Asia and Europe is occupy more than 50% of the rest of world.

Compare to the other regions in the world the Asia is in first place and also Europe is in second place in the total usage. But compare to the percentage of the people in the location wise North America is in First place with 76.5%and more half of the people in the Australia are using the net. But Europe more than 50% of the people are also using. It means every two members One is using the internet.


In my research i find to place an idea to clear all the problems in problem wise in the first problem the parents are take care about their children's and also give guidance to them when they are using the net. In the second case


In order to make any work in the internet, We are deeply engaged with the site.

The Internet has brought maximum modifications and also good facilities useful way to the busyness people and solution in the line to the students and all type of the people and also , government authorities and so on. It has opened up opportunities that would be unbelievable without this technology, and it is a new way to think and find a different businesses in the line and also gathering a friends in world.

With these benefits come risks. A biggest problem for anyone doing business through the , or also use for a small work to communicate, is very perfect. The 'net has ways of out the official records of an company to the world that cannot be happened with communication. Maximum work has been carried out from maximum the years to get success in the companies secure against common attacks such as problem with internal networks, stolen or misuse of secret data, and outright the data fraud.

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