Is your personal data for sale ?

* "Over 4 million Britons' identities are for sale on the Net"

* "Some 1/4 million British bank & credit card accounts have been hacked into"

Life is not safe as it before, well as we put all of our personal data on the Internet, after having adopted the technology in the most respected business and personal matters like as Banks accounts, credit card numbers, images and video files for us and family or friends statistics, access to websites and our own or others. This new reality in the world to introduce a new class of crimes are crimes of the Internet, which after stealing personal data, such as name and mobile numbers, then do not stop at the border, perhaps the Internet has become a way of blackmail, and possibly also execution.

In Britain displays one of the sites on the Internet private information on four million Britons, including the financial information is acutely sensitive, including details of credit cards, bank account numbers,and phone numbers, all these data are presented for sale to the highest bidder. This information is true and not a figment of the imagination, and can refer to the British newspaper The Times to confirm these reports, and news does not stop at this point. The newspaper stresses that one of the UK banks have recently been subjected to discrimination by hackers and criminals of the Internet, were able to extract data a quarter million customers at least, including credit card accounts, was offered to those clients of the risks and large financial losses. The paper says: "Most of these data has been captured through phishing, which requests the clients send the user name and password and credit card details."

The Methods of cheating:

It seems that thousands of Britons have been deceived through the messages they receive, which reflect an excellent reputation, they are disgusted and disillusioned by staff in local banks, or other, asking them to send their personal and business mail, which was nothing more than professional theft over the Internet. Not afraid to official circles in Britain from the financial problems that may result from the theft, but the possibility of other things, including exposing the police, doctors and military personnel at risk, exposure of their numbers and their ID cards and account numbers of people. The Times of London and speaks across the English-language site, for the theft of information of 4 million users in Britain,in addition to the theft of information on nearly 40 million people across the world, is selling their personal and financial to the highest bidder. Although the paper carrying the words of experts and officials about this problem, but it remains the question of "personality", as long

How to protect personal information from theft:

Some banks are trying to tell customers of the possibility of permanent perception of personal data, so we present some of the things that must be considered, to achieve the greatest possible security of personal data. Including 1 - Do not send your personal and financial assistance to any mail, no matter how secure e-mail .. Instead, you can view the bank, and understanding with the employee responsible for that directly. 2 - Change your password on an ongoing basis in the financial accounts, your bank as accounts,stock accounts, etc., as well as non password for your email periodically. 3 - adopted after the God of passwords is difficult to penetrate, which requires that a range of 10 boxes, containing letters, numbers and symbols, such as keep these words in places available files Aluwrd or Notepad on a computer, in the paper or keep them in the wallet .. But he kept in a safe right at home. 4 - any way you think you have been a fraud or fraud or for your personal information, you should consider the bank to make sure the integrity of data and information, and just change the passwords. 5 - still many countries around the world late in the enactment of laws and ordinances against cyber crime, make sure that your country has strict laws against cyber crime, and register a complaint to the police against any person or entity, or e-rushing to keep your personal information, or theft of your finances.

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